Progressive Online Video Slots – A Shot at Financial Glory

The one thing experience and recreational gamblers have in common is they are all looking for the big win. For slot players, that’s a tall order. With limited financial resources, it’s incumbent on anyone who wants to gamble on video slots on a regular basis to make good choices as far as where and when they risk their capital.

To understand what slots players are actually up against in terms of finding the right games, it’s important to remember there’s dozens of top software developer that have produced thousands of video slots. On any given online casino website, the player is likely to encounter as many as 1,000 slot games. Of that group, they have to somehow identify the games that pay well and carry the largest potential for giving up the aforementioned big win. A website like Gclub casino is a good example of what slot players will face when they sign up to gamble on slots.

Understanding Risk/Reward

If someone is really serious about trying to make a profit from playing video slots, they need an acute understanding of what it is they are trying to accomplish and how to find the path to get there. There’s a process the investor use to determine whether or not they feel an investment is worthy of their consideration. The process is viewing the investment in terms of the risk they will have to take to get a potential reward.

Think about that for a moment. Why would an investor risk $1,000 of capital for a return of $100 if the investment carries significant risk? Likely, an astute investor would pass on such an investment. With that said, there is a reward that’s big enough to motivate the investor to invest the same $1,000 with the same amount of risk. The key to making a good investment is finding the balance between risk/reward.

Gambling is a form of investment. Given the house’s built-in advantage on every form of online gambling, there’s going to a significant risk. If a gambler can accept that premise, the only thing left for them to consider is what potential reward makes that risk reasonable.

What is a Progressive Slot?

A progressive slot is for the most part a casino game that’s linked between multiple online casino websites that provide its customers access to the game. Across all linked casinos, a portion of every wager is siphoned off and place in what becomes a progressive jackpot. The progression is the constant addition of money to the jackpot until someone does what’s necessary to win the whole enchilada.

Some progressive slots require the player to hit a very specific set of reels in order to hit the jackpot. When the jackpot finally finds a winner, either a host online casino operator or the game’s software developer will reset the game with a minimum progressive jackpot amount that’s expected to start growing in the very near future as more players make an investment in the game.

As a point of reference, there two progressive slots that have been taking turns reigning as the world record holder for paying out the largest online slot jackpot in history. The two games in question are Mega Moolah from Microgaming and Mega fortune from Netent. The current record holder is Mega Moolah, which paid out a life-changing jackpot of over $20 million USD to one lucky UK player in 2018.

Why Choose a Progressive Slot?

When looking at investing money to play video slots, the player needs to be aware of what kind of “return to player” (RTP) each game is offering. If a slot has an RTP of 96%, that means the house expects to claim 4% of all money played on that game over a long period. Using this as the criteria for choosing the right slot, a player should be reluctant to play a game with an RTP rating of 93% if a similar slot game has a rating of 96%.

Following through with that logic, a slot player should show a strong preference for a progressive slot with an RTP of 96% if all the other available slot games offer 96% or less. Clearly, the progressive jackpot offers a greater reward for the same amount of risk. If several progressive jackpot games are equal, preference should be given to the one with the largest pot at the end of the slot-playing rainbow.




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