Popcorn Monsoon – Best Popcorn Maker …Ever

Popcorn is a delicious snack you can enjoy anytime of the day. And once you start popping those kernels, it’s quite difficult to stop. The Popcorn Monsoon is the creation of Jolene Carlier and its intention is to make the popcorn making experience more fun and exciting. I’m already impressed by just the way popcorn is made but with the Popcorn Monsoon, it can be the pre-movie entertainment.

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This conceptual appliance uses hot air to to pop the kernels making it a healthier option by skipping the oil. Once the popcorn is ready, it gets pushed up a bent plastic tube and falls into a bowl or container. If you are not down with bland popcorn, you can always salt afterwards or maybe even melt a little butter and pour it over the hot and delicious popcorn.

This is a one-off project from what I know so you probably won’t be seeing it anywhere for purchase. If it does become available, we’ll be sure to update this page.





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