Playing catch-up

Headgeek is currently indisposed at the moment, so I was going through the GE News mail box and came across some stuff we didn’t post, but should’ve.  So, without futher delay, here it goes!

1:  The Tech Report takes an in-depth look at the ATI Radeon 9000, and compares it with 12 of it’s closest competitors.

2: TobiTech takes a gander at GlideTapes & GlidePad Mouse pad.

3: OCTools reviews the rather spiffy looking 3R Systems AudiXP Case

4: gives the Lian-Li PC-6089A Aluminum Case the ol’ once over.

5: Those crazy aussies over at AusPCWorld reviews the Gigabyte AP128DG-H RADEON 8500

6: Octools has a “world exclusive” review of Chaintech’s i845E Pentium 4 motherboard offering, the 9EJL P4 APOGEE




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