Play Like a Professional Gambler

Professional gamblers are fascinating to most of us. David Benyamine, a professional gambler originally from France, says he owes his estimated double digit in millions of wealth to the world of professional gambling and prefers the highest stakes games for cash.  He’s also known as Napoleon and Degenyamine in professional gambling circles. According to former fiancée Erica Schoenberg (also a professional gambler), David loves to spend hours making online bets. Watch this video to see his special comfy chairs and room arrangement for playing online when he can’t get to a live casino!

Benyamine often gets so involved with online bets that he doesn’t leave the room for days! He certainly appreciates the importance of live dealerswhile he’s at home in Las Vegas. Online gamblers in Australia can take advantage of to identify the best online casinos for Aussie players. A team of experts, including professional gamblers, rate the best sites for blackjack, roulette, and pokies, including those with live dealers. This thorough evaluation includes which sites accept the player’s method of payment, interact with Apple and Mac computers or Android devices and lots more.

Personal History

Benyamin writes that he started playing tennis at age thirteen and that tennis was his first career. He developed shoulder arthritis after a few years and had to quit the professional tour. Arthritis and pain management changed his body. Since he no longer burned thousands of calories a day but continued to eat like an athlete, he gained a lot of weight.

He actually started gambling a year earlier, at the age of twelve, and reports that cards and casino games were always his great love: “I have never stopped, nor looked back.” Like many professional gamblers, he enjoys other competitive gambling games and games of chance, including blackjack, craps, and slots.

Prior to moving to the U.S. (he lives in Nevada to stay close to Las Vegas games), he was also a billiards professional in his home country.

Professional Poker Trials

About ten years ago, Benyamine was deported back to France for a time. His problems began because of the similarity of his name to a terrorist on the no fly list. He says, “The fact is…that my name was flashing on the computer…so that when I entered America, they were waiting…to question me. After dealing with this on the way out to…a cruise…I was assured that my name would be cleared…but, when I returned…it happened again. This time…FBI agents came and questioned me…and by the end they said, ‘He’s totally fine, we’re so sorry…Just sign some papers and go.’”

But this didn’t end Benyamine’s troubles. When he returned, the dreaded computer stopped him again. This time, the immigration agent “decided against releasing me…and charged me with gambling as a professional, which meant…I couldn’t enter on a tourist visa…I needed a working visa. I never heard about that before, it had never happened to any other professional player.”

Immigration immediately detained him, but couldn’t deport him because this happened on a weekend. He returned to France a few days later and waited fifteen months to resolve the problem and obtain a work visa.


According to Benyamine, it’s possible to win millions in games of chance and skill. He says, “There’s still a lot of room for players to make a living, to make good money, and to learn.” He admits that he plays “very often,” both on the Internet and at the table. He says that he’s “addicted to gambling and…love(s) it…I have a lot of gamble in me…I need to play and love to play!”

Since so many readers feel the same way, it’s important to do your research before selecting an online gambling site. Professional gamblers do, and so should you!

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