Pickup Pools – Mobile Pool On Wheels

When I was a kid, our neighbors had a pickup truck which would be turned into a “swimming pool” for the kids in the neighborhood to enjoy and cool off during the hot summer months. It was basically an over sized tarp that would go in the truck bed and filled with cold water. It was a ghetto setup, couldn’t really swim in it, but we all loved it. Although the idea of having a pool in the back of a truck is nothing new, the guys over at Pickup Pools have designed and patented “their idea”.

If you have a truck, this is the perfect product for you and your family which can be used for a number of occasions. If you live in an apartment building or home with no swimming pool and happen to own a truck, then you’re in luck! Not only is this fun for the kids but you can also have a mobile swimming pool when you go camping or have a tailgate party.

The Pickup Pool is made out of 30mm thick vinyl like many of the inflatable pools on the market and available in either 5.5-ft or 6.5-ft depending on the bed size of your pickup truck. Simply insert the pool into the truck and it will conform to the interior of the truck bed and secures itself in place. Unlike tarps, this eliminates the use of bungee cords and ropes which could damage the paint of your truck. To get the perfect fit, you pull the corner of your Pickup Pool over the corners of your truck bed and fill it with water. There is a drain valve located on the tailgate side of the Pickup Pool.

The Pickup Pools are made in the USA and priced at $189 for the 5.5-ft and $199 for the 6.5-ft.




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