Online Coupon Sites – Win Win Situation

Chances are, most of us living in Europe and North America use a computer on a daily basis. And if you use the computer almost everyday, chances are that you have also taken advantage of online shopping because it was more convenient or simply because it was a great bargain to pass up. These days when I shop online, one of the first things I do is go through the various coupon websites in the hopes of getting an even better deal. But coupon and voucher websites are not just great for consumers.

Mass Exposure

A business also reaps the benefits of such an amazing platform as coupon websites. For starters, a business has access to mass exposure. Voucher offers are sent to thousands if not tens of thousands of subscribers, and are visible to everyone who visits a coupon/voucher website. No small business has been able to achieve such exposure in any other way in the years past.

Targeted Audience

If you don’t cater to a global audience, these websites also have customer databases which can be sorted according to the location of the customer. Any offer you have will only be visible to subscribers in your area resulting in direct marketing to a large local audience. Local consumers are also more likely than others to visit your business and even become repeat clients.

Up-selling & Cross-selling

When you launch a voucher offer, you should consider opportunities to up-sell to a higher-priced item or even cross-sell to products related to what the voucher offers. If a voucher is offering $10 discount on gadgets, you can encourage your customers to use the discount on more expensive, higher-quality gadgets. The customer will still get their $10-off voucher but they will also spend more in your store. Additionally, they are now also exposed to a new product range which they may purchase in the future or recommend to family/friends.

New Clients

Let’s be honest, some people are loyal to one only brand and stick with it for years. If the voucher code is targeting the competition and the deal is good enough to dip their toes into new territory, they just may take the bait. Voucher and Coupon marketing is usually an effective way to attract new customers. Once these new customers visit your business or try your products, you now have an opportunity to make them the repeat clients who will be loyal to your brand.

No Expense

When it comes to advertising, it can be very costly. The beauty of voucher and coupon websites is that you are not required to pay anything to run your offer yet thousands of people see your brand and product offers.

Easy Tracking

Another problem with the various forms of advertising platforms is that how do you know which method is working best? Many businesses have a drop-down menu which asks “How Did You Hear About Us” but only a tiny fraction of transactions even bother with that. With coupon codes, the results are measurable. You are able to track the people who redeem a particular offer and from which website. This then gives you more information to go on when it comes time to advertise or offer another promotion.

So as you can see, consumers are not the only ones that have it pretty good when it comes to online coupon sites! And if you own a business and have not considered running such promotions, maybe you might want to test it out and see how it works out for your small business. You never know, some big profits could be waiting for you!




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