22 Fun Things to Do Online with Friends: Your Ultimate Guide to Virtual Hangouts

Ever get that sinking feeling when you realize your close-knit circle might be drifting apart like tiny rafts in a vast ocean? Trust me, I know the drill – pacing around, racking my brain for ways to bridge that growing gap.

But here’s the scoop: after some serious digital spelunking (and more mouse clicks than I’d care to admit), I’ve struck gold with an arsenal of online activities so engaging they’ll make miles feel like mere inches.

Whether we’re channeling our inner Picassos or battling it out on virtual battlegrounds, this article is your treasure map to keeping those connections tight. So gear up and get ready – distance has got nothing on us!

Key Takeaways

You can team up with friends online to work on a projectplay games, or even learn new skills together.

Using apps like Zoom, Google Docs, or Spotify Group Sessions helps everyone stay connected and enjoy activities in real time.

Watching movies or live concerts together creates shared experiences that are just as fun as hanging out in person.

Virtual tours let you explore the world’s famous landmarks and cities without leaving your home.

Fitness and wellness activities can also be done with friends online to keep each other motivated.

Collaborative Online Activities with Friends

Collaborative Online Activities with Friends

Hey, you know what’s a blast? Teaming up online for some seriously cool projects with pals. It’s like.. we’re creating our own virtual ‘hangout squad,’ where every click brings us closer—even though we’re miles apart!

Collaborate on a project

I know the thrill of diving into a new project. Collaborating with pals online amps up the fun and keeps us all connected. Here’s how we can team up and create something awesome together:

  • Choose something you’re all into. Maybe it’s coding a new app, designing a game, or crafting stories for your favorite roleplaying games.
  • Pick a platform that works for everyone. Discord, Zoom, or Google Meet can be great spots to chat and share screens.
  • Split up tasks based on what each friend loves or wants to get better at. Someone could be great at software development, while another rocks at design.
  • Set up regular meetings to check in on progress. It’s like having your own team huddle online – and it keeps everyone motivated.
  • Use tools that let you work together in real-time. Google Docs is perfect for writing together; Trello helps you track who’s doing what.
  • Keep things light and fun! Throw in some jokes or funny memes in your group chat to keep the mood upbeat.
  • Celebrate little wins along the way – finished a task? High-five over video call!
  • Save everything you do under Creative Commons or other shared licenses so everyone gets credit.

Swap quizzes

So, you think you’re the smartest of your friends? Prove it with a fun quiz swap. You and your buddies can test each other’s knowledge on any topic.

  • Choose a theme that excites everyone. It could be anything from “hobbies for nerds” to “dungeons & dragons” lore. Make sure it’s something everyone can get into.
  • Create your own quiz. Use apps like Kahoot! or websites that let you design questions and answers. Throw in some weird facts to make it fun!
  • Set a time for the quiz party. A virtual hangout where everyone can come together online is perfect. Zoom calls work well for this.
  • Share the quizzes around. Everyone gets to try all the quizzes made by your friends to see who comes out on top.
  • Keep score casually or get competitive, whatever feels right for your group.
  • Talk about the answers when you finish. This is a chance to laugh about the tricky questions and learn some random stuff along the way.

Listen to music together

I love sharing tunes with my pals. It’s like, you hear a beat that gets your toe tapping, and you’ve just gotta let your friend groove to it too, right? We send each other songs all the time.

Sometimes, we hop on Spotify and try out Group Sessions. That way, we’re jamming to the same playlist no matter how far apart we are.

Ever joined a music bot on Discord? It’s super cool—you can add this bot to your server and have it play music that everyone can listen to together! And those online concerts—wow—they really make you feel like you’re there with thousands of others, even if you’re just chilling in your own room.

Next thing we know, hours have flown by—we’re laughing, chatting about the music, or discovering new bands together.

Now picture us diving into a wild gaming session next.

Online Gaming with Friends

Online Gaming with Friends

Hey there, fellow geeks! When it comes to online gaming with friends… man, oh man, do we have a smorgasbord of digital delights waiting for us. From testing friendships in strategic battles to chuckling over chaos in games like 9 Pots of Gold—gaming is that perfect spice to sprinkle on our social life stew.

So grab your controllers (or mice and keyboards) ’cause it’s about to get real fun up in here…

Play games

I just love playing games online with my buddies. It’s a blast, and we get to challenge each other, laugh, and make great memories.

  • Choose multiplayer games that everyone enjoys. We all have our favorites on platforms like Xbox Live or the Google Play Store, so we pick one that gets us all excited.
  • Dive into strategy games. Titles like “Clue” push us to think hard and outsmart each other – which is always good for some friendly competition.
  • Pick up the pace with racing games. “Mario Kart Tour” is a go-to because who doesn’t want to race as Princess Peach?
  • Get creative with word games. “Words With Friends” gets our brains buzzing and adds a twist to our usual texting chats.
  • Explore new worlds together in role-playing games (RPGs). It’s like writing our own fanfic but in a game form!
  • Laugh out loud with silly party games on apps like Houseparty. They’ve got stuff like trivia and “Quick Draw,” which really get the giggles going.
  • Enjoy classic board game nights, but online. Monopoly or Yahtzee can be played through apps now, making it easy to keep friendship traditions going even when we’re not in the same room.
  • Share screen time wisely. We make sure everyone has a chance at being the leader or picking the game—it’s about having fun together, after all!

Get mischievous with Among Us

So, you want to sneak around and cause a little chaos with friends? Among Us is the perfect game for that. You’re on a spaceship, and everyone has jobs to do, but oh no—there’s an impostor on board! It’s like the ultimate game of hide-and-seek mixed with some serious detective work.

Friends will try to fix the ship or maybe they’ll sneak around as the impostor, trying not to get caught.

YouTube player

We all have our sneaky side, right? This is where mine comes out big time! And it doesn’t hurt that while we’re pointing fingers and tossing out wild guesses about who the bad guy is, we’re actually working together too.

Amazing how a game can make teamwork feel like such an adventure—and trust me, there are plenty of laughs along the way. Next up: why not build your empire and challenge your pals in Monopoly?.

Challenge friends to Monopoly

Alright, you’ve had your fun sneaking around and sussing out impostors in Among Us. Now it’s time to switch gears and dive into a classic—Monopoly! Grab the Monopoly appinvite your buddies, and get ready to buy up properties like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s just like the board game we all know and love, but with none of the hassle of setting up or packing away.

Roll those virtual dice and make moves to snag those high-street hot spots. Oh, watch how friendships are put to the test when someone lands on Boardwalk with a hotel! “Just one more game,” we’ll say as hours slip by—and honestly? No regrets there.

Strategize, laugh, and maybe even pout a little when you go directly to jail (do not pass Go, do not collect $200). This is what I call bonding—one bankruptcy at a time!

Race in Mario Kart Tour

So, I’m racing with my friends in Mario Kart Tour, and it’s a blast. We pick our favorite characters and zoom through crazy courses on our phones. It feels like we’re all hanging out together, even when we’re miles apart.

This game is perfect for keeping up those social connections that can get lost in the real world – just us laughing and competing to see who’s the best racer.

Next thing you know, we’ll be diving into another online adventure. Maybe this time it’s tackling a new course or learning something cool together!

Learning Together Online

Learning Together Online

Hey, let’s not forget – growing our brains can be just as fun as any game! Rally the squad and let’s turn on our learning mode. It’s like forming our own little online club where we get to pick up new skills or dive deep into fascinating subjects together.

Plus, there’s something about tackling a course with friends that turns what could be a snooze-fest into an epic adventure in knowledge.. Who knew hitting the virtual books could give us all the feels????.

YouTube player

Learn or practice skills together

So, you and your friends love to learn new things. Good news: there are tons of ways to pick up skills together online.

  • Find a cool skill you all want to learn. Maybe it’s coding or graphic design. You guys can search for free lessons or tutorials online. YouTube channels are packed with experts showing you the ropes.
  • Dive into a language-learning app. Apps like Duolingo make learning a new language fun and kind of like a game. You and your buddies can challenge each other to see who learns the most words in a week.
  • Get artsy and try drawing or painting. There are websites where you can draw on the same canvas at the same time. It’s like hanging out in an art class without leaving home.
  • Tackle cooking new recipes together. Pick a recipe, set up your phones or laptops in the kitchen, and cook “together.” It’s like your own private cooking show!
  • Start jamming if music is your thing. Use apps where you can create tunes as a band even when you’re miles apart.
  • Sign up for an online course that excites all of you. Websites offer courses on almost anything – from photography to philosophy.

Take a course together

Learning something new can be way more fun with a pal. Taking a course together is like turning your hangout into a cool classroom.

  • Pick something that thrills both of you. Maybe it’s coding, cooking, or even learning Klingon – the point is to bond over something new.
  • Look for courses that match your geeky interests. Sites like Coursera or Udemy have tons of options; just dive in and choose one!
  • Set up weekly study dates. It’s like meeting up at a cafe, but online, and you’ll be learning stuff.
  • Share notes and insights. Got an epic idea? Shoot it over to your friend’s inbox!
  • Celebrate milestones together. Complete a section? High-five each other through the screen!
  • Help each other out when things get tough. Stuck on a problem? Two brains can tackle it better than one.
  • Keep each other motivated. It’s easy to quit if you’re flying solo, but with someone counting on you? You’ve got this!
  • Create a project from what you learn. Build an app or start a blog – make something cool that shows off your skills.

Enroll in an online class together

Taking a course together is just the start. Enrolling in an online class brings it all to another level. It’s like signing up for an adventure where brains and schedules unite. Here’s how diving into an online class with friends spices up the journey:

  • Pick a subject that tickles everyone’s curiosity. Whether it’s coding, history, or even cooking, find something you’re all eager to learn about.
  • Set a time for weekly virtual meet-ups. Use these sessions to talk about what you’ve learned and help each other out.
  • Share your progress on social media. It’s fun to show off those new skills and maybe start some friendly rivalry!
  • Cheer each other on when things get tough. Sometimes, we all need a little push from our pals.
  • Create a group chat dedicated to the class. This way, you’ll have a spot for quick questions or sharing cool finds related to the topic.
  • Plan a project using what you’ve learned together. It could be building an app, starting a blog, or anything that puts your new knowledge into action.

Virtual Sightseeing and Explorations

Virtual Sightseeing and

Ever feel that itch to travel, but you’re stuck at home? Well, my fellow explorers and screen-bound adventurers, buckle up because we’re going virtual sightseeing! Grab your friends online and prepare to roam the digital streets of Paris or swoop through the Grand Canyon—all from your comfy couch.

With modern tech, who needs a plane ticket when you’ve got Google Street View at your fingertips.. and maybe some takeout on speed dial for that authentic experience?

Explore a foreign city via Google Street View

So, you’re sitting there in your comfiest chair, snacks at the ready, but what’s next? How about we jet off on an adventure without even opening the front door! Trust me, it’s totally possible and a blast with friends.

Google Street View is our magic carpet. We can duck through the busy streets of Tokyo or roam around Rome’s ancient ruins. It feels like we’re right there—minus the plane ride.

We just pick a city that grabs our interest and go exploring those famous spots we’ve only seen in movies. Hey, why not make it more fun by playing tour guide for each other? “Over here is the Eiffel Tower..” – you get the drift.

Exploring new places from our screens becomes this cool journey where laughs are guaranteed and nobody gets lost – unless that’s part of the game plan!

Live stream the northern lights

After roaming virtual streets and soaking in city sights, imagine cozying up with your buddies to gaze at the ever-dancing northern lights. That’s right, you can catch the majestic swirls of green and purple from anywhere! All you need is a live stream.

It feels almost magical to share this bucket-list spectacle with friends online. I totally get it if you’re thinking, “Is watching colors shimmer across my screen as fun as gaming or jamming to tunes?” Trust me on this—once those lights start their cosmic ballet, the chat will explode with oohs and aahs.

Gather your crew, set up a time, and find that perfect live stream. Maybe someone finds an amazing one straight from Norway or Iceland; there are sites for that! Wrap yourself in your comfiest blanket and let these bright ribbons of light brighten up the night sky—and maybe even spark some new ideas for adventures together.

Sure beats just staring at stars through a window!

Visit a world landmark virtually

So, we can’t all jet off to see the Eiffel Tower or walk through the halls of the Louvre whenever we feel like it. But hey, that’s what virtual tours are for! You and your friends can dive into an online adventure and check out some of the most famous spots on Earth without leaving your couch.

Picture this: you’re sipping your favorite drink, comfy in your PJs, and still getting to say “Wow!” as you “stand” atop the Great Wall of China.

Exploring a foreign city via Google Street View is pretty awesome too. You can wander down streets in Rome or check out Tokyo’s bustling crossings as if you were actually there. And let’s be real—who wouldn’t want to stare at the northern lights livestream with their best buds? It’s way more fun than just looking at pictures on Pinterest.

Plus, when you do these cool virtual visits together, it feels almost like a real trip – minus any luggage mishaps or language barriers!

Entertainment Online with Friends

Entertainment Online with Friends

Who says movie nights are a thing of the past? Grab your popcorn and tune in to the endless possibilities for laughter and shared moments as we dive into the world of online entertainment—trust me, you’ll want to hear about this next bit.

Watch movies or TV together

Hey friends, let’s talk about watching movies or TV online together. It’s like having a cozy movie night, but we’re all in our own spaces.

  • Pick a movie or show. We all vote on something cool to watch.
  • Set up the tech. Use streaming services and sync apps so we’re watching at the same time.
  • Video call time! Open a chat to see everyone’s reactions live.
  • Snack prep. I grab my favorite munchies, and you get yours. Then we share what we’ve got over the screen.
  • Hit play simultaneously. With one countdown, we all press play for zero delays.
  • Chat and react while watching. Share laughs, guesses, or facepalms in real-time—like we’re all on one big couch.
  • Discuss after the show ends. We dive deep into what we loved or didn’t like so much.

Watch a live concert online

I love sharing music with my pals, and watching a live concert online is like we’re all at the show, but in our comfy living rooms. Virtual concerts are amazing because we can groove to the same beats without being in the same place.

We send each other song links or jam using Spotify Group Sessions. Sometimes, we get fancy and invite a music bot into our Discord chats for that live concert vibe.

This way, no friend feels left out just because they’re miles away. Plus, it’s an experience that sticks with you—like that one time we watched our favorite band together and talked about it for weeks! Next up? How about streaming a TV show as a squad?

Stream a television show online together

Hey fellow geeks, let’s talk about how awesome it is to stream TV shows with our friends online. It’s like having a movie night, but you can be in your own comfy spot and still all hang out together.

Fitness and Wellness Activities Online

Fitness and Wellness Activities Online

Hey, friends! So you’re lounging around in your favorite chair, wondering how to kick that pesky couch potato habit without actually leaving the house? I’ve got just the thing—why not bring the energy and pump up those endorphins with online fitness and wellness activities? Trust me, breaking a sweat is way more fun when you’ve got your buddies challenging you through the screen.

Grab your water bottle, and let’s dive into some virtual workouts that’ll get our hearts racing faster than spotting a rare Pokémon on a wild Saturday night indoors. Stay tuned..

Do group workouts

I’ve got this super cool idea for us geeks to stay fit and have a blast. How about we do group workouts online? Here’s how we can sweat it out together, while still having loads of fun:

  • Pick a time that works for everyone. We’re all busy, but finding a slot where we can get moving together is key.
  • Choose our workout flavor. Whether it’s yoga, high – intensity interval training, or meditation, there’s something for every taste.
  • Start with a video call. Getting to see each other makes the workout more social and tons of fun.
  • Use apps or websites designed for group fitness. They have features that make working out with friends super easy.
  • Motivate and cheer each other on! It’s like being each other’s coach without the whistle.
  • Track our progress as a team. Celebrating our wins together will keep us pumped.
  • Switch it up each time. Trying new routines keeps things exciting and tests our limits.

Become each other’s workout buddy

Team up with a friend and be workout buddies—it’s like having your own cheerleader! You can push each other to do one more squat or hold that yoga pose just a bit longer. Working out together, even online, makes you feel less alone and can turn exercise into a fun hangout.

And hey, nothing beats the friendly competition of trying to outdo each other’s plank time.

Checking in with your buddy keeps you both on track. You’re more likely to hit the mat when someone is counting on you. Plus, sharing fitness goals and celebrating victories together? That’s what friends are for! So go ahead, set up those virtual workout dates; laughter and sweat make an awesome combo.

Do a yoga or exercise video together

I love a good stretch, and so do my friends! We find doing a yoga or exercise video together is the perfect way to stay fit and have fun.

  • Pick a time that works for everyone. We all get busy, but setting a regular time helps us keep each other on track.
  • Choose a workout video. There’s tons of them online! We go for ones that make us sweat and laugh at the same time.
  • Set up our spaces. I clear some room in my living room, roll out my mat, and fill up my water bottle.
  • Jump on a video call. Using apps like Zoom or Skype, we can all see each other and share the workout experience live.
  • Hit “play” together. Someone counts down 3…2…1… and we start moving in sync!
  • Encourage each other. If one of us feels tired, we shout out words of support. It really helps to push through those tough spots.
  • Share our progress. After the session, we talk about how it went—what was hard, what felt great, and we cheer for our little wins!

Creative Online Activities

Creative Online Activities

So, you’ve got that artistic itch, right? Well, buckle up ’cause we’re about to dive into a digital playground where creativity knows no bounds! Whether we’re harmonizing melodies like modern-day Mozarts or doodling on a virtual canvas—heck, even flipping pages in our own online book club—there’s an endless world of creative collabs waiting just for us geeks..

Draw together online

You know, pulling out a sketchpad and doodling with friends is always a blast. But let’s take it up a notch—why not draw together online? It’s like unlocking a new level where our creativity goes wild across the screen.

We can laugh over each other’s funny drawings or get serious and make something epic. There are websites and apps just for this; we hop in, pick our colors, and start creating side by side—even if we’re miles apart.

Picture this: one of us starts with a squiggle, then another adds some shapes, and before you know it, we’ve created an outrageous creature or designed our dream cafe! It’s not just fun; it stretches those creative muscles too.

Plus, there’s no mess to clean up afterward! If anyone ever told you that geeks don’t groove on art projects—they’ve never tried drawing online with their pals. Every line we draw pulls us closer together—it’s kind of magical, isn’t it?.

Create some music

Going from doodling pictures to making tunes, creating music with my pals is one of our favorite online hangouts. We jump on platforms like Soundtrap, and before we know it, we’re mixing beats and dropping notes like we’re back in the garage band days.

It’s not just about hitting the right note either; sometimes, it’s a full-blown karaoke party over video call. We jam out to each other’s songs — and sure, maybe there are more laughs than chart-toppers — but those sing-alongs glue us together.

Ever had that tune stuck in your head? Well, I’ll grab some friends and turn it into our next big hit using collaboration tools online. Maybe I’m strumming my guitar while a friend syncs up their keyboard miles away — no sweat! Making music without being in the same room feels like magic.

And hey, who knows? Our next songwriting project might just be the thing that goes viral on Twitter or gets us spotted by Spotify Premium listeners.

Start a virtual book club

So, after hitting some high notes creating tunes with pals, why not switch gears and dive into the world of books? Picture this: You and your friends start a virtual book club. It’s simple – pick a book everyone’s excited about and set up times to chat about it online.

You could use video calls or just type away in a group chat.

Talk about what parts made you laugh, which bits were tricky to get through, or how you relate to the characters. It’s like having your own private little cafe where you can discuss all things literary with your buddies from anywhere! Plus, sharing different viewpoints on the same story is super interesting; it opens up new ways of thinking about things.

So grab that e-reader or an old-school paperback and get started on a reading adventure together!

Revitalizing Online Friendships: Final Thoughts

I’m super pumped about all these online adventures with friends! Whether we’re getting our game onlearning new stuff together, or exploring the world from our couches, the fun never stops.

Who knew we could share so many laughs and create memories without even stepping outside? Let’s keep this party going online – it’s where the magic happens! Remember: a good Wi-Fi connection can turn any day into an epic hangout.

FAQs About Things to Do Online with Friends

What are some cool hobbies for geeks to do with friends online?

Hey, geeks can have a blast online by playing “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” and showing off their Photoshop skills! You ever try brainstorming your own game? Yeah, it’s as epic as it sounds.

Can gaming online really help if I’m feeling lonely?

Totally! Gaming is like the secret sauce to beat loneliness—it’s got this power, you know? Clinical psychologists even say games offer big-time emotional perks. So grab your buddies and start playing—you’ll feel the difference!

Are there any fun apps we can download to play on our smartphones?

Oh boy—are there ever! Head over to the App Store or wherever you get those Android apps; find stuff like Scattegories or other wicked games that make time fly when you’re having fun with pals.

Is watching YouTube videos a good activity for an online hangout?

You betcha! Make popcorn, pick some wild YouTube videos—and boom—you’ve got yourself a party… just watch out for those pesky copyright laws (wink).

What about live-streaming—can my friends and I do that together?

Imagine this: You all chilling in cafes—or wherever—then going live on Instagram or something… It could totally go viral (just saying). And hey, isn’t sharing half the fun of doing rad stuff?

Any ideas for activities that don’t cost much but are still awesome to do with friends on the internet?

Who needs money when you’ve got creativity? Like, helloo—online shopping without buying anything (just fill up that cart!), creating hilarious memes together, or just hanging out in a chat room laughing at whatever comes up—priceless!




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