Oldie But Goodie – Edison Style Vintage Light Bulb

Modern LED light bulbs are great because they emit plenty of light yet use small amounts of energy when compared to incandescent light bulbs. Lighting is very important in any room and I personally prefer a soft light. There are lots of great light bulb designs on the market and the Edison-style Vintage Antique Light Bulb is something kind of special. 

With the Edison-style Vintage Antique Light Bulb, you get a sense of a time gone past but without the dangers of actual antique light bulb. These light bulbs are designed after the original light bulbs with clear winding filament and old-school design of the actual bulb. They are rated at about 400 lumens so it won’t light up an entire living room nice and bright but the light it does emit is very comforting. They would be ideal in vintage light fixtures or at least vintage-like.

The light bulbs are clear and work with normal appliances. The Edison Style Vintage Light Bulb are available on Amazon for only $4.89!




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