Not Cool Looking But Keeps You Cool – USB Forehead/Neck Cooler

This device is probably something I would rather not wear in public or at least on my forehead. The USB Forehead and Neck Cooler is essentially a “personal cooler” that’s intended to keep you cool in hot and humid environments. You may look like a complete fool wearing it but at least you’re the one that’s nice and cool. You wear the band around your forehead, neck, back of your head, legs, etc. You can wear it anywhere as long as the bank goes around that body part. Just use your imagination!

Whichever body part the USB Cooler is attached to is supposed to stay at a consistent and average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius (72 in Fahrenheit). The cooler is powered by a USB so you can use it at your office computer, to your smart devices, or even a powerbank battery. The band is adjustable so it should fit most of your body and the cord is extra long at 47-inches so all parts of the body are within reach.


I personally think that this would be the perfect companion for camping and fishing trips. Nobody cares what you look like during these trips so having a forehead attachment won’t bring any unwanted attention your way.  Average temperature is around 22 degrees Celsius but lowest temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius (59 in Fahrenheit). The fan unit measures in at 40 x 65 x 35mm and weighs in at 60grams (2.1 oz). The packaging will also include a grip, two band fasteners, two grip screws, and a 47″ USB cable.

The USB Forehead and Neck Cooler can be purchased for $77.




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