Nordic Grip Galoshes: Easy Slip-On Shoes for Icy Conditions

The Englishman Mr. Radley might have invented galoshes to keep his feet dry and to keep his rheumatism in check; we today have even more uses for them. When the weather suddenly turns bad and you don’t have that one pair of snow shoes that you always avoided to buy because winter was so short in your area. Well, if you are still reluctant to invest in a pair of shoes, here is a solution. In order to add more traction to your regular shoe soles, have a pair of Nordic Grip Galoshes which will just do that. These shoe covers can stretch over large pairs of shoes and are available in black and cyan colors and in three different sizes. You can pull them even over you dress shoes for added traction if you have to walk across the street to get to your office. The shoe covers will cost you around $55.




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