New Age Business Technology

Businesses are always searching for the next big thing in technology, something that will speed up production and help them reach more customers quickly and effectively. New developments in computer and information technology are appearing every year, requiring businesses to adapt and modify their infrastructure to make use of these new opportunities.

From hardware and software to online resources and social media, businesses are constantly taking advantage of new opportunities in technology as well as using some older technology in new and innovative ways.

Technology Tools for Businesses

Most businesses have been utilizing personal computers and handheld devices for quite some time, and as those devices have become more innovative and advanced, businesses have continued to take advantage of them. Today, office desks are home to laptop and tablet computers, while nearby charging stations house Blackberry, smartphone or Bluetooth devices. Complex databases of information, from HR files to production data to customer service references, may all be accessed from any computer within the company, thanks to cloud data-sharing technology.

Some technology tools that businesses are using are not actually new, but they are poised to revolutionize business. RFID technology, also known as radio frequency identification, has been around for years; businesses are now using this technology in the form of microchips attached to products. The business can track the chip and even use data stored on the chip to track inventory.

Outsourcing is another controversial business practice that advanced technology is facilitating. Whether the outsourcing involves call centers on the other side of the world or contracting local workers to decrease business spending, outsourcing has become simpler than ever due to project management software programs and tools, many of which can function in the cloud as well.

Online banking is not just for banks anymore. Now, businesses may utilize a variety of online and hi-tech payment systems, including Square, PayPal and Intuit GoPayment, to turn virtually any tablet or smartphone into a virtual cash register.

Social Media Tools for Businesses

Social media usage is pervasive around the world, with millions of people utilizing sites, such as Twitter and Flickr, both online and through mobile Apps. Twitter functions as a mini-blogging tool, allowing users to post brief updates, share files and photos, and connect to anyone by “following” them. Flickr is a photo sharing site offering users a way to upload and display photos, organizing them and sharing through Twitter or other social media sites.

Businesses and business-minded individuals have embraced these and other social media platforms, using them to create an online presence, introduce and promote themselves and interact with people of a similar mindset. For example, Italian entrepreneur Francesco Corallo shares a variety of photos and images of natural wonders and architectural favorites through his Flickr account, maintains an active Twitter account, and posts about business, architecture and art on his own personal blog.

For businesses of any size to succeed in today’s hi-tech global economy, exploring and embracing the latest computer and information technology is an absolute necessity. Even for individuals of a business mindset, utilizing programs and tools to promote themselves and their products, as well as to reach out and communicate with clients and customers, is vital.




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