Never Tie Your Shoes Again: Zubits Magnetic Shoe Laces Are Here

Are you fed up with tying your shoes? Are you done with double knots? The process of tying your shoelaces may get easier this year with the invention of magnetic shoelaces. While many of us simply tie our shoes a few times and take the time to just slide our feet in and out of them, with the inclusion of magnetic shoelaces you may never have to type the same pair of shoes again.

Once you install magnetic shoelaces into your sneakers, and tighten up the bindings all you have to do is push the magnets close together and they will take over shoelaces. The little magnetic shoelace device allows almost any shoe to very quickly have these installed and use magnets instead of a traditional knot.

The magnets in magnetic shoelaces are extremely powerful and they are capable of holding back 18 pounds of force. This is a system that can hold true even if you are walking, running or playing high-impact sports. These magnetic shoelaces can withstand any of the activity that you can throw at them and they are also fairly simple to pull apart when you want to take your shoes off.

The idea of magnetic shoelaces was first marketed to help with those who have disabilities and find it difficult to regularly tie their shoes. These magnetic shoelaces however are for anyone that’s interested in saying goodbye to traditional shoelaces. Just because you don’t have a disability, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of an excellent invention that can help you to save time as well as keep pesky laces from coming undone.

The magnetic shoelaces range in price between $19.99 to $21.99 and you can find them at a variety of different retailers. Say goodbye to knotted shoelaces today!




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