Movpak – World’s First Backpack Electric Vehicle

Here is a backpack for you that you can ride on when you get tired of carrying it. The backpack consists of an electric skateboard with a handheld remote control. It can travel at a speed of up to 15 mph and cover a distance of 9 miles on a single charge. The recharging takes about two hours. It even charges your electronic gadgets on the go.

It is quite versatile in the sense that if you don’t feel like carrying it on your back you can roll it down by pulling the handle.  There is enough storage room for your laptop and books but it will get heavier considering that the backpack itself weighs 17 pounds.

The Movpak is not a reality as of now but the developers are well within reach of raising the target of $100,000 on Kickstarter. The Super Early Bird pledge of $999 will ensure that you lay your hands on one. The expected retail price is expected to be at $2,000!





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