The Moby Mart – 24/7 Autonomous, Staff-less, Mobile Store

I generally pick an inconvenient time to do my grocery shopping because I’d rather be inconvenienced at an odd hour to shop in a store with almost no customers as opposed to shopping on the weekend or after work hours and deal with a chaotic supermarket. Have you ever been to Costco or Super Store on the weekend? The “traffic” within the store is enough to drive me insane. At the present moment, I use a service called “Click and Collect” at Super Store. I basically pick my groceries online and then for a $3 fee, the store employees pick my items, and I simply go to a designated parking spot at the store and have the items delivered straight to my vehicle. Pretty simple, right?

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The Moby Mart store is another great idea that’s currently being developed but not ready to be rolled out on a mass scale. The idea is that the Moby Mart will come to you. The store is to be an autonomous, self-driving grocery store which will meet you at your doorstep. At the present moment, it’s being tested in a parking lot and some of its features have already been implemented. The Moby Mart is the size of a small bus and is stocked up with a variety of produce, essentials, and over the counter pharmacy.

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The Moby Mart store has an app for download for shoppers and use their smart phones to scan the products being purchased. As you leave, your credit card will be charged for the items you picked up. The future goal is to have the Moby Mart road-worthy and work with drones to deliver groceries right at your doorstep. For more details, check out the Moby Mart website.




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