Microsoft Surface Duo Phone

Microsoft has just announced their new device the Surface Duo. Although it is a phone, they don’t want you calling it a phone because it does much more than your regular smart phone. They want you to think of it as something that will increase your productivity throughout the day. The Surface Duo has two 5.6-inch screens that can fold on top of each other thanks to its hinge. You can fold them out and you will have a bigger display and can use it as a tablet. The Duo is thin, lightweight, and can fit into your pocket. The most unbelievable thing about this Microsoft phone is that it will not be using Microsoft software, but will be using Android software. Since Microsoft hasn’t had much success in the in the phone industry, they decided using an Android platform would intrigue and excite customers.

The Duo actually does not have a rear-facing camera. If you want to take a picture, you would have to open up the Duo and flip its front-facing camera to the back of the device. It sounds like a very odd way to take a picture, but since the device is due to come out in a year, there will be lots of changes made to make it more functional. The developers say the purpose of this phone is not to take high quality pictures, but to help you get creative and productive. Because of the dual screen, you can have two things open at the same time, thereby saving time doing something like composing an email. On the top screen, you can view the email, and on the bottom screen you can compose your email. If you are running a meeting, you can view the other party on one screen, and pull up any needed documents from the other screen. Browsing websites side by side will also become easier.

Although we don’t have all the details of the Microsoft Surface Duo, we know it will definitely go through many changes and upgrades in the next year. Not sure if this will be as successful as their Microsoft Surface tablets but the Duo is something that will definitely increase productivity. Using dual screens is less taxing on the brain than trying to multi-task on a single screen.




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