Manufacturing Marvels You’re Lucky Enough To Benefit From

It’s undeniable; we live in the most technologically gifted age of history so far. People back in 1879 thought they held that accolade with the invention of light. But, the things we’ve seen in the last century alone have blown that out of the water. Anyone who has watched a sci-fi film in their time can attest that creations which seemed impossible are now in common use.

And, we all benefit from these things. So much so, in fact, that few of us acknowledge how amazing these inventions are. They’ve become so much a part of popular culture that we take them for granted on a daily basis. But, when you step back and think about it, how can we use our smartphones without marveling at what they do? In fact, how can we use any of these inventions without paying them the respect they deserve? Take, for instance, the following manufacturing marvels that you likely never even think about.


We rely on them for operating computers and phones, but have you ever sat back and thought about how amazing microchips really are? Imagine how small these inventions are, and how much information they manage to store. Take the back off your phone and marvel at what’s waiting there. The average microchip is now no more than fourteen nanometers. That’s such a hard feat that only four companies are capable of achieving it. That’s phenomenal, considering that 67% of the world’s population is predicted to own mobile phones by 2019. If you think you’re busy at work, consider the manufacturing load those four companies have to deal with!

Medical equipment

When it comes to the medical world, there are many marvels to behold. But, regarding manufacturing, equipment production is right up there. After all, there’s no room for error when lives are at stake. As such, it’s down to companies like Laser Light to produce precision equipment which is perfect to the millimeter. And, yes, that does include implant devices which can function as replacements for missing biological structures in the body. Who would have thought that could be a possibility thirty or forty years ago?

3D printing

This post wouldn’t be complete without at least some mention of 3D printing. This phenomenal ability has led to developments in near enough every industry you could imagine. We’re now starting to see 3D printed cars and even the printing of prosthetic limbs. All on a relatively easy and fast scale. What’s more, 3D printers can produce a variety of products, all with different materials. If that doesn’t sound revolutionary, what does?

All-electric car batteries

To the older generation, batteries are little cylinders you stock up on for Christmas morning with the kids. But, in the modern age, we’re seeing batteries so advanced they’re capable of powering car engines for miles at a time. Some such vehicles even boast of being able to cover up to 200 miles on one charge. Even Duracell Bunny would have a hard time beating that!

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