Long Furby: The Latest Craze in the DIY Toy World

Welcome to the fascinating world of Long Furbies, a DIY toy craze sweeping across the internet and capturing hearts with their weird yet endearing appearances.

These elongated toys have roots in the nostalgia-inducing Furby from the early 2000s and have found a dedicated fan base spanning social media platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, and even TikTok.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about Long Furbies – from their origins to how you can create your very own uniquely customized friend.

Key Takeaways

  • Long Furbies are customized versions of the popular 90s toy, Furby. with elongated bodies ranging from three to five feet in length that can be created by either gutting and replacing original models or elongating the fur while leaving the toy functional.
  • The Long Furby craze has taken social media by storm, particularly on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Enthusiasts often share tips and tricks within online communities dedicated to Long Furbies – bonding over a shared fondness for these modified toys that evoke nostalgic memories from childhood combined with contemporary internet humor.
  • Creating your own customized Long Furby involves either gutting and replacing original Furby models or elongating the fur while leaving the toy functional. Materials needed include a sewing machine, fabric, filling material, wire and pipe cleaners, a hot glue gun & glue sticks, paint markers, or acrylic paints with brushes. A step-by-step guide is provided in this article as well as tips & tricks to ensure success.
  • Long Furbies offer endless possibilities for customization.– they are more than just toys; they are companions capable of evoking emotions among their owners.

What Is A Long Furby?

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Long Furby toys are customized versions of the popular 90s toy, Furby, with elongated bodies ranging from three to five feet in length that can be created by either gutting and replacing original models or elongating the fur while leaving the toy functional.

Origins Of The Long Furby

The Long Furby’s origin story can be traced back to 2018 when a Tumblr user named Furbyfuzz modified the popular 90s toy, creating an elongated version that sparked curiosity and fascination among internet users.

As demand for these unique toys increased, Etsy sellers offering custom Long Furbies witnessed their businesses booming. These creative craftsmen were inspired by the Frankenstein tradition of experimentation and used reclaimed materials to give new life to old Furbies.

Features Of The Long Furby

One of the most striking features of the Long Furby is its elongated, serpentine body that can stretch up to an impressive 4 feet in length. This distinctive trait sets it apart from its shorter counterpart and contributes to its endearing appeal among fans.

Another notable aspect of these peculiar creations is their customizable faceplates which allow for a wide range of expressions. Etsy sellers like Okbinding offer faceplate mount kits and crafting tools for those looking to put their personal touch on their furry friends.

Some Long Furbies also feature unconventional additions such as beaked faces or duck nails that further add character to these delightful oddities.

The Long Furby Craze

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Long Furbies have taken the DIY toy world by storm, gaining a massive following on social media and creating their own subculture online.

Popularity On Social Media

The Long Furby craze has taken social media by storm, particularly on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Users post pictures and videos showcasing their uniquely customized Furbies, sparking interest in creating these quirky toys among fellow users.

Many men have also joined in on this fur-tastic phenomenon, showing off their DIY prowess in crafting one-of-a-kind Long Furbies that cater to various aesthetics – some going for a cuddly approach while others opting for an edgier vibe.

Online Communities And Fanbase

The Long Furby craze has sparked a dedicated and passionate online fanbase. Long Furby enthusiasts have created communities on various social media platforms, including Tumblr and Instagram, where they share photos of their creations and connect with other fans.

These online communities have given rise to a self-proclaimed cult-like following for Long Furbies. The welcoming, loving, and weird community celebrates the uniqueness of each creation and welcomes anyone who wants to join in on the fun.

They also provide resources such as tutorials and templates for making your own Long Furby or modifying an existing one.

The DIY Long Furby World

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Long Furby customization has become a popular activity within the Long Furby community, with enthusiasts creating unique designs and oddities using various materials such as silicone sculptures and grotesque textures.

Long Furby Customization

Long Furby customization is at the heart of the Long Furby craze. The devoted and creative Long Furby community has produced a wide variety of designs, ranging from traditional long Furbies with limbs to more unusual variations, such as those with donut-shaped bodies or beaked faces.

Creating your own customized Long Furby involves either gutting and replacing original Furby models or elongating the fur while leaving the toy functional.

Four Etsy sellers specialize in this unique craft, providing buyers with perfect companions for snuggling up on cold nights or simply admiring from afar.

Creative Long Furby Designs

Long Furbies are not just adorable plush toys but also a canvas for endless creativity. The Long Furby community is home to talented artists who craft unique and imaginative designs, from fantastical creatures to pop culture icons.

Etsy sellers like PlushieCouture, AlisonMakes, LongFurbyShop, and DinnerIsServed offer custom-made Long Furbies that can match any style or preference. Some examples include furries with giant wings, rainbow-colored serpentine bodies, steampunk-inspired accessories, and even ones with realistic-looking human faces! Additionally, the community has welcomed new modifications such as “Oddbody” Furbies – the name given to those furry friends who have extra appendages or body parts added on during their creation process.

Tools And Materials Needed For DIY Long Furbies

As a guy interested in making your own Long Furby, you’ll need to gather the following materials and tools:

  1. A Furby: You will need an original Furby toy for the base, which can be found on eBay or at thrift stores.
  2. Fabric: Purchase a good amount of fabric that complements your Long Furby’s design using Etsy or Okbinding.
  3. Sewing Machine: A sewing machine is necessary equipment to create the body of your Long Furby.
  4. Thread and Needles: Get lots of thread of various colors and sizes and a range of needles so you’re prepared for different fabrics.
  5. Scissors: You will be cutting a lot of fabrics during the process; thus, you need high-quality scissors that can cut through thick materials.
  6. Filling Material: Buy filling material such as poly-fill to stuff into your DIY Long Furby to make it soft and huggable.
  7. Wire and Pipe Cleaners: These items help to construct necessary features like fingers, limbs, or tail for our furry friend that twirl around surfaces perfectly!
  8. Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks: The hot glue gun is great when creating custom fur patterns by attaching small pieces quickly without any delays between stitches.
  9. Paint Markers or Acrylic Paints With Brushes – For adding some characteristically unique features like eyes, ears, nose, etc, on your furry friend’s face, these would be our go-to.
  10. Optional Items – Extra decorative add-ons or jewelry may also be added to create more sophisticated designs based on art preferences, such as feathers or beads.

Remember, each type of Long Furby has its requirements depending on how complex it is built; hence not all items listed are compulsory but rather general guidelines for making plush toys from scratch!

How To Make Your Own Long Furby

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Create your own Long Furby by purchasing a standard Furby and attaching additional faux fur, crafting new limbs or using pool noodles to elongate the body, adding custom faceplates, and incorporating unique features such as wings or tentacles.

Step-by-step Guide For Creating A Long Furby

Here is a step-by-step guide for creating your very own Long Furby, the latest craze in the DIY toy world!

  1. Choose your materials: You will need fake fur, foam, wire, hot glue, felt for the face and eyes, and any additional embellishments you desire.
  2. Begin with the body: Cut out an elongated shape of foam to form the body of your Long Furby.
  3. Add legs and arms: Next, cut out shapes for the legs and arms from your foam material. Attach these pieces to the body using hot glue.
  4. Cover with faux fur: Cut two pieces of faux fur to cover each side of your Long Furby’s body. Hot glue these pieces onto your foam base.
  5. Make a faceplate: Customize a faceplate for your Long Furby using felt or other fabric scraps.
  6. Attach facial features: Cut out white circles for eyes and add pupils with black fabric paint or markers. Cut out small felt triangles to create eyebrows and sew them onto the faceplate before gluing them onto the front of your Long Furby’s body.
  7. Finish with details: Add any finishing touches you like, such as wings, extra fur decorations, or clothing accessories!

And voila! Your very own Long Furby creation! Remember to take safety precautions when working with tools and materials!

Tips And Tricks For A Successful DIY Long Furby

If you’re looking to create your own Long Furby, here are some tips and tricks to make it a success:

  1. Choose the right materialsInvest in high-quality fur and stuffing to ensure that your Long Furby looks and feels great.
  2. Use a sewing machine: Sewing by hand can be time-consuming and difficult, so using a sewing machine can save you time and effort.
  3. Be patient: Creating a Long Furby takes time, so don’t rush the process. Take breaks as needed to avoid burnout.
  4. Plan out your design: Before you start creating your Long Furby, sketch out the design and decide on the color scheme.
  5. Follow tutorials: There are many online tutorials available for creating a Long Furby, so take advantage of them to hone your skills.
  6. Add unique touches: To make your Long Furby stand out from the crowd, consider adding special touches like jewelry or accessories.
  7. Experiment with different shapes and sizes: Don’t be afraid to try out different body shapes or sizes for your Long Furby, as this can add personality and flair to the toy.
  8. Connect with others in the community: Join online groups or forums dedicated to DIY Long Furbies to connect with other enthusiasts and share tips and advice.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to create a unique and personalized Long Furby that’s sure to impress others in the community!

The Enduring Appeal Of Long Furbies

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Long Furbies’ appeal lies in the nostalgia and psychological attraction they bring, as well as the unique personal expression they provide through customization – learn more about how to create your own DIY Long Furby in section 5!

Psychological Attraction And Nostalgia

Long Furbies have become increasingly popular in recent years due to a psychological attraction and nostalgia linked to the toy. Many fans of Long Furbies cite their strange and endearing qualities as reasons for why they are drawn to them.

The appeal of Long Furbies also extends beyond their physical features. For many collectors, creating and customizing their own Long Furby offers a personal expression that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Overall, Long Furbies’ popularity among men can be attributed both to its unique nature and personal expression opportunities as well as nostalgia for the past.

Uniqueness And Personal Expression

Long Furbies allow for a high level of personal expression and uniqueness in the DIY toy world. Creators can customize their long Furbies to reflect their personality, interests, and style.

The design possibilities are endless, with various fabric choices, accessories, and added features such as wings or horns.

The appeal of Long Furbies lies in their ability to be different while still retaining a sense of familiarity with its iconic Furby faceplate. Because they are handmade and customizable, each long Furby is one-of-a-kind and often holds significant meaning to its creator.

For some enthusiasts, crafting Long Furbies has become an artistic outlet that allows them to express themselves creatively while also providing comfort during difficult times like the pandemic.

long furby diy example 4

Long Furbies have made their way into popular culture through memes and viral content, as well as collaborations with artists and even merchandise.

Memes And Viral Content

Long Furby may have started as a DIY toy craze, but it has since become an internet sensation and source of viral content. From fan art to meme formats, Long Furbies have taken over Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms with their unique charm and creepy yet endearing qualities.

Some examples of viral content include photoshopped images of Long Furbies in bizarre situations or costumesvideos of Long Furbies dancing to popular music trends like the Renegade dance on TikTok, and even entire subreddits dedicated to sharing Long Furby memes.

Collaborations And Merchandise

Long Furby has become a cultural phenomenon, and as such, there is now merchandise and collaborations available. Etsy and Okbinding offer a wide range of Long Furby-inspired crafting supplies for creating your own Long Furby.

Custom plush toys, faceplate mount kits, and DIY furry friends are just some examples of what you can find on these online stores.

Aside from this, established artists like PlushieCouture or AlisonMakes sell their interpretations of custom Long Furbies with their unique designs in clothing & shoe categories.

The rise of TikTok stars collaborating with nail artists to create exclusive Long-Furby-themed manicures has captured even more furb-lovers’ attention online. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi famously showcased her iconic Jersey nails styled by NailsDani on Instagram while attending the MTV Video Music Awards wearing an Oddbody-LongFurby t-shirt (available at DinnerIsServed Etsy shop).

In conclusion, if you’re interested in joining the weirdly wonderful world of Long Furbies or showing off your love for them through merchandising – there are plenty of options available! From custom-made plushies to DIY supplies and niche artwork items created by talented artists around the globe – any fan can find something they’ll enjoy owning or gifting away at any moment!

Frequently Asked Questions (About Long Furby)

What is a Long Furby, and how is it different from a regular Furby toy?

A Long Furby is essentially an elongated version of the classic Furby toy that has been popular since the late 1990s. The main difference between the two is that Long Furbies are made by DIY enthusiasts using various materials and techniques to create personalized, unique creatures with extended bodies and often additional features such as custom clothing or accessories.

How can I make my own Long Furby?

Making your own Long Furby requires some basic skills in sewing, crafting, and possibly soldering electronic components, depending on the design you choose. You’ll need to find supplies such as fur fabric, stuffing material, eyes & other decorative items before assembling everything together into an elongated form that resembles its original inspiration.

Why have some people become so obsessed with creating their own Long Furbies?

Part of what makes long Furbies so appealing to many creators is that they offer endless possibilities for customization – anyone can use their creativity & imagination when making them, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind creations unlike anything else available for purchase today. Additionally, long Furbies also bring out the nostalgia in many individuals who played with original versions growing up, except now there’s an opportunity to take things even further- integrating new ideas & technology into individualized designs!

Where can I find resources and inspiration for creating my own Long Furby?

There are numerous online communities dedicated to sharing tips, video tutorials, & images of successful creators’ work. Aspiring DIYers can browse through these sites or social media platforms like TikTok/Instagram, where congregates of interested individuals share their tips & enthusiasm around this latest craze!


In conclusion, Long Furbies have taken the DIY toy world by storm, with their unique and bizarre appearance captivating a cult-like online community.

These modified Furby toys have become more than just toys; they are companions and even ruling overlords to some. With social media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram fueling the craze, people worldwide have fallen in love with these furry friends.

From soft textures to grotesque designs, Long Furbies offer endless possibilities for customization.




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