Live Streaming in 2023: A Beginner’s Guide And Checklist

Live video streaming is widely recognized among the gaming community, where players go live over the internet to share their gameplay. However, to mistake live video streaming only for the gaming community is equivalent to missing out on a great opportunity for growth and a career.

Live video streaming has tons of scope that can help you set up your business or brand if you can use it well. Therefore, if you are a content creator, a brand, a business, or a gamer and want to start your live stream, we have the perfect beginner’s guide for you to rely on. So, buckle up, and let’s start streaming!

What Is Live Video Streaming, And Why Try It?

A person is said to live stream when they share their video with an audience in real-time. Think of video calling someone, but with a much larger audience. You can also think of news or sports broadcasts; only here, you can do it anywhere you want.

So why would anyone want to live stream? Because live video streaming has many benefits. Firstly, a live stream can get you tons of views if you have the right content. Secondly, it helps you reach a larger audience while helping you build your brand. It also is a great way of communicating directly with your audience and increasing engagement.

Get Started With Live Video Streaming

We have understood what live video streaming is and why it can be beneficial. Now, let us help you set up. To start your live stream, you would need a few mandatory things:

The Right Equipment

Live video streaming is an easy thing to do, and it is. But if you want to do it right, you must invest in the right equipment. For starters, you would need a laptop or a smartphone with good camera quality for a high-quality live stream. Next, you would need good sound equipment like a microphone and headphones. These are the most basic requirements. As you up your level, you can invest in good lights (depending on your content), or if you are into gaming, you can use VR180 – The first 3D Streaming Camera.

About VR180

To add that extra flair to your live-streaming experience, opt for VR180. developed VR180 as one of the first live 3D streaming cameras. It has amazing features that promise an otherworldly experience for your live streams. It is tested with their partner Xlovecam and assures you of large-volume streaming. For more information, here are the VR180 specs that can help you have a great streaming experience:

  • Has 4K resolutions
  • Operates on 30 FPS
  • Has a very low latency
  • Operates on Codec VP8 or VP9
  • Comes with 130 degrees field of view and a fixed focal length of 1.7 mm

VR180 comes with IR and Fisheye lenses and can operate with Windows 10 and above.

A Live Streaming Platform

Next up, you will have to decide on the streaming platform. You can opt for any social media, including Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you are more into gaming, you can opt for Twitch and YouTube.

A Stable Internet Connection

Of course, you need an internet connection and a good one at that. You would want to avoid having a rocky live stream or having your live stream cut off in the middle due to an unstable connection.

Good Content

Lastly, to have a good live streaming experience and gain well from it, you would need quality content that audiences will be willing to watch. Good content will fetch you views as well as loyal streamers. With that, you are all set for happy streaming!




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