LG’s Next Generation Gadget – Pod based Ice Cream Gadget

LG is a world known brand which has proved itself in all electronic domain possible. But now LG has released a prototype of a gadget which makes that has made us question ourselves. Is it even true? Yes, it is. LG has designed a pod-based ice cream making gadget known as the “Snow White” which can be utilized to make tasty ice creams at the leisure of your home. The best part of this product is that it employs the latest technologies to get things done. A modern ice cream maker at your home to get your dessert done in 5 – 10 minutes is a breakthrough towards making lives better and it will for sure.

Not only ice cream, but you can also make sorbet, sherbet, gelato, granita, frozen custard and yogurt through this machine. You can customize the flavors and the way they should be aligned through the flavor board placed to the side of the machine. The gadget works based on a QR code feed technology. You have to scan the code on the sideboard to instruct the gadget to work accordingly. The gadget works when you load custom made capsule for each flavor and type of ice cream that you want.

They have just released a display prototype so the working can only be guessed to suffice the curiosity. But it would be great if touch screen or application based control is enabled. LG is just full of surprises and this might even be one of them. The exact specification of the much-awaited pod-based gadget is not yet released but as far as the information available, it is going to rock the market. That is for sure. A pod that does the preparing, serving and cleaning of ice cream on its own. That is where we see a better future.




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