Level up Your Gameplay: The Top 6 Mobile Apps Every Serious Gamer Needs

Every gamer wants gaming to be a fun and smooth experience. This includes learning how to play better, updating your equipment, and connecting with new like-minded gaming enthusiasts. 

And that’s why we’re here to help you. If you’re interested in leveling up your gameplay, keep reading, as we’ve compiled a list of the top six apps every serious gamer needs.


We all know that updating your gaming equipment and buying new games can be brutal on your wallet. That’s precisely why the first app we want to recommend is Honeygain, which pays you money for sharing your internet bandwidth. 

You heard that right! After you download the Honeygain app, the internet connection you share becomes part of a global network working together on valuable data-driven projects. There’s no need to fear for your safety, as Honeygain employs the highest levels of security, including an anti-cheat system and multi-factor authentication. 

HoneyGain App

This app is the perfect solution for earning money as a teen because all you have to do is download Honeygain on your phone or computer and leave it running while you get lost in your video game. As your internet connection is used, your in-app wallet fills with passive income. And no, the app won’t slow down your internet or interrupt your gameplay. It’s that simple!


Tournafest is an app created by gamers for gamers. They aim to revamp the Esports ecosystem with a smooth-running and motivating platform where gamers have the ability to boost their skills within a network of fellow gamers. 

Tournafest believes every gamer is a professional, and their talent deserves recognition and respect. The app’s vision is to deliver a simplified gaming platform. Tournafest wants to create a gaming ecosystem where players can play, compete, and grow together. 

After its initial release in 2021, Tournafest now supports games like Battlegrounds Mobile India, Call of Duty (mobile), Free Fire MAX, and CS:GO and is consistently expanding its reach.


GamerLink is a fresh startup that created a gaming tool enabling gamers to connect with other gamers for an enhanced online multiplayer experience. They aid gamers in discovering new people to play with online and improve a user’s gaming experience overall. 

GamerLink supports over 300 LFG games on PS4, Xbox, PC, and more. If you didn’t know, LFG is an acronym that means “looking for a group.” The supported games include Rocket League, Fortnite, PUBG, GTA 5, Battlefield 5, Call of Duty, Borderlands 3, etc. 

You can participate in the chatroom once you create or join an LFG. Send messages to organize when to play and keep up with your group to always have friends to game with. 

OBS Studio 

OBS Studio is a free and open-source, cross-platform screencasting and streaming app. It’s a favorite amongst those gamers who wish to broadcast their gameplay. OBS Studio isn’t just accessible and user-friendly, which means everyone can use it.

While gaming, OBS Studio lets you effortlessly capture audio, screen, output, and input. You can record the gameplay and any commentary you want to add using a microphone or headset. Additionally, OBS Studio also supports plug-ins to improve its functionality.

OBS Studio has a powerful API, enabling plugins and scripts to provide further customization and functionality for your unique needs.

SSD Fresh

The SSD Fresh app was created to simplify manually configuring Windows options for both advanced and less tech-savvy users. SSD Fresh detects and scans your SSD drives to determine if they operate at peak efficiency, which is best for gaming. 

At first, your SSD drives may be in the scary red zone, but a series of personal optimization choices can gradually improve their performance. After that, you’ll be in the safe green zone.

Moreover, the app lets you turn off useless Windows features like Hibernate, Indexing, and kernel swapping, which will free up your computer’s resources and enhance your drive’s performance to match that of a Ferrari.


Gaming at night might sound fun after a long day of work or school because no one’s awake to bother you. But have you thought about how the harsh light from your screens is affecting your eyesight? 

Blue light from your screens harms your eyes. That’s no secret. If you want to protect your eyes, consider the F.lux computer program. F.lux reduces eye strain during night-time computer use, helping minimize sleep disruption.

The F.lux software alters your computer display’s color temperature according to location and time of day, giving your eyes some rest.

Improving your gaming experience is essential to enjoying your hobby and growing your skills. And it doesn’t have to be hard on your wallet. 

Whether it’s earning money while you game or protecting your eyes from the harsh display screen, we recommend checking out any of these six top apps and leveling up your gameplay today!




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