Lara Croft Fan Art: A Collection of my Digital Paintings

Welcome to my collection of Lara Croft fan art! As a long-time fan of the popular video game series, I wanted to capture my favorite characters in digital paintings. Each piece in this collection is a unique interpretation of the world of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise. I hope you enjoy exploring my artwork as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Who is Lara Croft?

Lara Croft is the lead character of the Tomb Raider video game, first released in 1996. She is a British aristocrat and an intrepid archaeologist searching for ancient treasures. Lara has become a worldwide cultural icon and remains one of gaming history’s most enduring and recognizable characters. Her classic outfit, consisting of a tank top, shorts, and two holstered pistols, has been replicated by countless cosplayers since its introduction.

lara croft tomb raider fan art

Many fans recognize Lara not only for her courage and daring exploits but also for her intelligence, physical prowess, rebellious attitude, and resourcefulness – qualities that inspire courageous actions to reach an end goal no matter the odds or risks.

Lara Croft’s fan art draws from the spirit of adventure she embodies as an icon of strength and independence. Through digital painting techniques suggesting movement, light sources, atmosphere, and moods, I have sought to re-imagine Lara’s legacy in a way that honors her character and traditional painting conventions.

Why I Love Lara Croft

Since I was a kid, I have always been a fan of Lara Croft. She’s confident and independent and is not afraid to take risks. Playing video games helped me overcome my fear of taking risks in life, particularly those related to my art career, where there are often no clear answers or solutions. The inspiring confidence of Lara Croft keeps me pushing my limits in the hobby that has long since become an essential part of my life – creating digital fan art.

lara croft tomb raider fan art 8

I firmly believe that having a female pop-culture icon like Lara Croft, who is tough, brave, and unafraid, will also help other generations find inspiration from her. I’ve had immense joy in creating various digital paintings and sketches featuring Lara Croft through the years, imagining what other worlds she can conquer and exploring different aspects of her intriguing personality together with the existing storyline surrounding her adventures across the globe.

lara croft tomb raider fan art 7

Through this online collection, I would like to share with everyone some of these pieces – come true to the original storylines while stretching fictional universes even further with unique additions – as well as some real insight into my artistic style when it comes to bringing alive characters such as this fantastic heroine from our very own beloved nerd universe!

Digital Paintings

Digital paintings are a great way to express creativity and show admiration for a particular character or game. Creating digital paintings can be done quickly with the help of dedicated software and can be a great way to express one’s talent and love for a character like Lara Croft.

This collection of my digital paintings is focused on Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider Franchise. Let’s explore the pieces and find out what makes them unique.


lara croft raiding a secret tomb scaled

This digital painting of the iconic character Lara Croft, “Adventurer,” brings life to this classic adventure-seeking heroine. A striking portrait of Lara, her sharp blue eyes gaze across the horizon while she stands regally atop a jutting rock. Clutching her bow and arrow in hand, her iconic attire includes a heavy satchel strapped to her shoulder and knee-high boots accompanying pockets full of various artifacts she has discovered on her adventures.

The piece captures the adventurous spirit of Lara Croft—a fearless traveler who constantly seeks out uncharted lands seeking treasures and unraveling conspiracies. With courage and determination, she will never retreat from danger or give up in the face of daunting challenges.

Capturing shifts in light from dusk to dawn, shades of deep mauve cover the sky as bright yellow stars beckon for exploration far beyond imagination, with bold blues scattered about for a striking visual rendering—promising a dramatic story ahead with untold power and potential. This vibrant painting serves as an iconic homage to all adventurers out there.

“Tomb Raider”

lara croft tomb raider fan art 5

Digital paintings are artwork created using computer software. This type of art is particularly popular in fan art of favorite characters, such as Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. With their unlimited virtual space and vast color capabilities, digital painting can bring the viewer right into the fantasy world of a beloved character and create a visual escape.

This collection of digital paintings features Lara Croft during her adventures throughout the Tomb Raider universe – exploring magical tombs, confronting enemies and beasts, and searching for clues to unlock puzzles that stand in her way. Through these works, I strive to bring alive this iconic strong female character from games and films by capturing her sublime beauty and indomitable spirit – giving viewers a glimpse of her courageous journey as she fights against forces trying to prevent her from accomplishing incredible feats!

“The Huntress”

lara croft tomb raider fan art 3

“The Huntress” is a digital painting of the renowned action-adventure heroine Lara Croft. This painting invokes a sense of adventure and prowess that encompasses the character. It is a tribute to her powerful spirit and heroic courage as she takes on dangerous challenges. The painting shows Lara Croft exuding confidence and strength against an intense backdrop of fire, flames, and danger.

The artwork features a variety of bold colors that make the image come alive, from oranges and reds to vibrant yellows and blues. The flames grow in intensity around Lara Croft, emphasizing her fearless stance for something or someone she believes in strongly. Her outfit stands out sharply against the chaos behind her due to its sharp edges, adding an extra layer of power to this already energetic piece.

This artwork draws inspiration from various elements such as comics, video games, fantasy, and pop culture. It captures all these elements harmoniously with its energy and vibrancy, accurately depicting Lara Croft’s strength as a hero. From this painting, viewers can take away a sense of fearlessness, determination, and perseverance – all qualities found in someone willing to take on any challenge regardless of the odds or danger faced along the way.


My process for creating digital paintings of my favorite video game characters begins with gathering as much reference material as possible. I use screenshots, concept art, and reference images from the game to get the details just right.

Next, I create a sketch using a drawing tablet, taking my time to really think about the composition and pose of my character. I then carefully transfer the graphic to the digital canvas, adding the necessary line art and color. Finally, I added the finishing touches of lighting and detailing to finish the painting.

Tools Used

Tools used for creating the digital paintings in this collection of Lara Croft fan art include Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. Both software programs allow for a variety of styles of painting, either freehand or in predetermined brush strokes that simulate a traditional painting look. Colors can be blended and mixed to create different hues, and special effects instruments allow for texture manipulation, shadows, and highlights to create a realistic image.

Selecting from its innumerable options provides multiple approaches to every project so that different art pieces are created according to the artist’s vision. To further refine the look, each software program offers filter tools that apply various techniques, such as blurring or sharpening the focus of an image.

Techniques Used

My process for creating Lara Croft fan art includes a range of digital painting techniques and traditional art elements borrowed from traditional media. My main tools in designing this work are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and ZBrush.

lara croft tomb raider fan art 6

For coloring and texturing my Lara Croft fan art, I use various digital painting techniques such as blending, dodging, and burning, custom brushes, color palette swapping, adding textures from scanned photographs and stock images, masking, and compositing techniques. Additionally, I often use selections to paint around exact locations on the canvas or to match an object for easier masking editing precisely.

When creating any digital painting, I have also practiced sketching my images with a pencil on paper before taking them to the computer. This process helps me to plan out composition better and removes a lot of guesswork from the digital painting process. This work is scanned in before being imported into the main piece, where they serve as guides during the painting process. Additionally, I often use reference material such as anatomy books and photographs to accurately represent figure drawing – particularly when depicting strong visual perspectives or detailing specific muscle groups.

Final Thoughts

Over the past few months, I have found a new hobby in creating digital art inspired by Lara Croft. I have been amazed at the detail I can put in each illustration and subject matter I have tried to bring to life in my paintings. From the first painting to the last, I have improved and can express my style in each artwork I have made.

lara croft tomb raider fan art 4

As I progress, I look forward to making more art and seeing where this new passion takes me.

Reflection on the Process

This project of creating digital paintings inspired by the character Lara Croft has been a rewarding and challenging experience. Although this journey started with little-to-no idea of what I would make, I found it fulfilling to take my ideas from concept to completion.

Through the process of working on each painting, I have developed a better understanding of color theory and composition. In addition to building my artistic skills, this project has also helped me gain more confidence in putting my work out there for the public to see. Sharing my art exposed me to meaningful critiques that allowed me to refine my work further and learn from experienced artists.

Each artwork in this collection took many hours of dedication and effort. As with any creative endeavor, the process involved multiple iterations until I could create paintings that reflected Lara Croft’s iconic sense of strength and grace. It has been an enriching experience that will hopefully foster more exciting projects in the future!

Inspiration for Future Projects

beautiful lara croft tomb raider

As I explore the world of digital painting, I draw inspiration from my favorite characters, including Lara Croft. My appreciation of this character and her stories has driven me to explore the art form and pay homage to the genre in my work. She and her adventures have challenged me to push beyond my comfort zone, developing skills that will undoubtedly be useful for future projects.

My hope is that this collection of artwork also inspires fellow creators, artists, and gamers alike. It is a source of pride for what I’ve accumulated over the years and a reminder to stay committed to creative endeavors such as video game design and storytelling.

From conceptual artworks to my final pieces, each step in this journey has been filled with challenges—but also discoveries about composition, techniques, and color theory. Developing talent takes time and practice, so with each digital illustration I finish comes more confidence.

Whether gathering reference material, sketching on paper or iPad Procreate software, or creating digital illustrations with Adobe Photoshop CS6 – each painting is visually rewarding in its own way – bringing more clarity into every project, I take on. With each artwork finished comes stronger likes and dislikes, which further shape my creative style – from developing characters to refining compositions – all proving rewarding when creating original artworks or fanart for existing properties/stories one enjoys –much like this collection honoring renowned character Lara Croft!




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