Kitty Hawk Unveils Cora Taxi Drone

With all these car manufacturers throwing their brands in the drone game, things are really heating up. During the past month companies like Porsche and Ford have stated interest in creating their own line of drones. These companies may very well bridge the gap between the now and the future. From a car that needs a driver, to a fully automated flying transport.

In the past we have talked about different companies and brands worldwide trying to put their mark in taxi drones. Most of the progress however is still at its infancy stage. The companies are still a long way to go before they can release autonomous transport drones into urban society.

Cora Drone Concept:

One company making headlines this week is the Kitty Hawk. A flying taxi company, Kitty Hawk introduced their own horse in the race for air transport dominance. The Cora is a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) drone hybrid that works similar to the other transport drones in development. So what’s the big difference with this one, you ask? What is so special about Kitty Hawk’s Cora to give attention to it? Well, the ace in this company’s hand is its funding. The company, as well as the drone’s development, has two key figures supporting it. Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, and the other is Sebastian Thrun, the founding director of Google’s X Lab.

Needless to say, this drone has some heavy backers.

As for the drone itself, they already have flight footage of it. The transport drone’s test site is in New Zealand. Factors included in this decision involve the fewer population as well as laxer air flight regulations. Unlike similar taxi drone concepts, the Cora already has a design already in mind when it comes to getting passengers. The Cora transport drone mirrors that of Uber rides, where you only press a button on a phone app, and the drone would come flying your way.






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