iRig KEYS Portable Keyboard for Your Portable Devices

How many times have you found yourself away from home when you’re struck with musical inspiration? Without your keyboard, you’re forced to hum the melody to yourself until people start staring and avoiding you on the street.

IK Multimedia has addressed this potential social pitfall with the new iRig KEYS – a portable MIDI controller keyboard compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad, and your Mac or PC. Featuring 37 velocity-sensitive mini keys and the ability to connect directly into your phone or tablet, the iRig KEYS now makes it truly possible to take your music wherever you go.

The iRig KEYS is powered by your mobile device – but fear not, because it uses very little power. You won’t have to sit next to an outlet, or race against time to charge your phone. And because the iRig KEYS also requires no additional software, you can plug in and play anytime you want.

Small enough to fit into a backpack, the iRig KEYS can be taken anywhere. So the next time you are filled with beautiful music, you can pull out the iRig KEYS and start performing. At last, you’ll turn those frightened bystanders into a captive audience.

You can order the iRig KEYS ($99.99) here from West Music.





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