Ireland Pubs to Deliver Beer Straight to You

With all the closures caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are struggling to make ends meet. People all over the world are in isolations and quarantines. Governments only appoint specific days per week where people can do groceries. Establishments such as restaurants cannot accept customers, and only provide orders for takeout.

Because of all this, trying to keep afloat can be incredibly difficult for the average shop owner – if not nearly impossible.

Ireland and the Drone Movement

In Ireland, there is a booming business revolving around drone delivery. In previous articles, we mentioned the country considering drones to deliver small goods such as groceries and even ice creams. An Irish pub has a similar idea, but with beer delivery.

Yes, because of community restrictions and the end of quarantine nowhere in sight, a pub in Dublin, Ireland wants to bring beer to you. Using drones, they can carry pints of beer (and some crisps) straight from the pub and into your doorstep. Would that be something that would interest you?

A Beer from Above

In Ireland, beer is somewhat of an essential resource. Everyone loves to have a good time and have a pint at the local pub. With the recent world events, the ‘socializing down at the pub’ part is out of the question. What you can still have, however, is the beer. According to their latest reports, Ireland may not lift their quarantine measures until August – three whole months from now. This leaves the market open for another way to get beer from the pub and into the customer’s home.

A drone eliminates the risk of germ spreading. It has a singular destination, and returns to its station once finished. There are still small issues to consider however. These ‘beer runs’ are not like groceries. They are liquid, and they require constant temperature during transit. This means it would require a solid container that can regulate temperature. The trip would also have to be careful enough not to create any spillage.

All for pub-based beer in these trying times, huh?




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