iLaunch Thunder Missile Launcher

iLaunch Thunder Missile Launcher

Taking cubicle warfare to the next level is the iLaunch Thunder, a missile launcher that works remotely with an iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  The iLaunch Thunder makes use of Bluetooth technology and can launch an attack on unsuspecting co-workers, while you hide in the comfort of a cubicle across the hallway.

The iLaunch Thunder missile launcher can shoot missiles up to 25 feet, has a horizontal rotation of 270 degrees, and vertical rotation of 40 degrees.  Regularly price at $96, it’s currently on sale for $82 until December 15th; still quite pricey for a gadget/toy that might get you fired if you hit the wrong target with one of the missiles, like the CEO or one of the other rich executives.

Buy It: $96 $82

ilaunch thunder iphone controlled missile launcherpicture of app for ilaunch thunder




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