The Hydro Hammock Is the Hot Tub in a Bunk

Without a doubt, soaking in a warm tub has a bunch of benefits. Some of such benefits include improved sleep, reducing anxiety and stress levels, lowering blood pressure and better skin condition among a lot more. Additionally, there is nothing as relaxing as floating forth and back on a sunny day with the sun heating you back. And while an outside facility may be hard to find, a hammock will equally serve the same purpose. You just need to fill the bunk with warm water. The Hydro Hammock takes the finest of parallel worlds and joins a hammock with a hot tub.

The hydro hammock features a high-quality synthetic fabric to make sure that the hammock sustains the weight of the water while it floats above ground without snapping. To use it as a bed, only dig a hole and quickly make a temporary hot tub on the field by putting the fabric over the whole.

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A hydro hammock comes in two pieces including the water heating system and the actual hammock. You may jut purchase the fundamental hammock part for only $458 to avoid extra costs. The heater may as well be acquired at an additional cost. The advantage of using the water heater is that you will not have to carry the entire hot tub around all the time. The heater comes along with a case which is easy to carry around since it has wheels as well as a handle that is adjustable.

The hydro hammock has a capacity of two adults at the same time when containing about fifty water gallons. However, only twenty water gallons are necessary for one session in the tub. Since the hammock is a bit heavy, one will require very sturdy trees to hang on. The weight will also depend on how much water will be in as well as the weight of the user. The Hydro Hammock was a product of the Kickstarter campaign two years ago.




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