How To Watch Movies In VR

In the past movies were enjoyed and appreciated by going to your nearest cinema or watching it on television. Then came the advent of technology wherein people can watch movies through their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. In one click you can choose from a vast array of movie options from different platforms. 

But technology isn’t stopping there, now virtual reality (VR) devices are taking the center stage and gaining so much attention. Users who have tried viewing movies with a VR device have discovered how incredible the experience is. Finally, another way to enjoy your favorite movies with less distraction and maximum visual satisfaction anytime, anywhere.  

If you’re a movie fanatic and want to know more? Read this guide to learn how to watch movies on your VR device. 

What To Know 

To watch movies in VR, you’ll need three simple items: 

  • VR device or headset 
  • A mobile device or laptop to connect 
  • A good pair of headphones or good surround sound speakers 

Remember that you can only use VR on a laptop or PC that is VR compatible and meets specific system requirements, such as a processor, RAM, graphics card, etc. Furthermore, VR devices let you watch three types of videos:  

  • 2D – Watching 2D movies with a VR headset is possible. This is your average video or film you can find on YouTube or Netflix. It’s just like normally watching something on a screen. 
  • 3D – These videos or movies made you buy a VR device. Who hasn’t heard of 3D videos? 3D videos make it look like you’re looking at an object rather than just a moving image on the screen. In a VR device, you’re in your very own theater. 
  • 180/360 Degree – Videos in 180/360 degrees make you feel like you’re inside the movie. This allows you to see beyond your field of vision. This will enable you to view above, below, right, and the left. By using a VR device, you’ll be able to look around you simply by moving your head. 


Your VR device is ready when you are. All you need to do now is download your favorite streaming platform. Most VR devices also have browsers that provide access to other videos or movies like the ones mentioned on sextechguide. To maximize your digital experience, here are some streaming platforms that you can visit for your VR pleasure: 

  • Netflix 

You only need to download the Netflix app to watch Bird Box or Don’t Look Up in VR. The app may take some time to download, but once it does, current Netflix subscribers can log in, and new Netflix members can subscribe. 

  • Amazon Prime  

Amazon Prime subscribers may watch movies in virtual reality via the Prime Video app. Install the app and log into your profile if you want to stream movies like Alien and Jennifer’s Body. 

  • VR Browser 

You may be wondering about all the streaming platforms with no native app. Users of VR devices can open HBO Max, Hulu, and Paramount Plus websites in a browser to pick some movies to watch. People who use Oculus can use the Firefox Reality app because it works better for videos than other VR browsers do. 

  • Big Screen 

The Big screen app can do more than just rent movies. Any movie on your computer can be streamed to your VR devices. When you plug your VR device into a computer with the charging cable, you can put movies on it so you can watch them when you don’t have an internet connection. To start watching offline, just put the VR device on and search the movie from the device connected to it. 

Important Things To Note 

When you watch a movie on VR, it’s very different from watching a movie with a projector. To help you get the most out of your virtual reality experience, here are a few pointers: 

  • Allow Yourself Some Time To Settle In 

As much as it depends on you, this is dependent on your device. Virtual reality devices, especially when paired with earbuds, can make you feel completely cut off from the real world. Some people may find it too much to take in. 

  • Use High-Quality Headphones 

Seeing a movie in virtual reality is so similar to going to the cinema, so, why not try to replicate the sound you hear there? Over-the-ear headphones are often preferred for maximum sound enjoyment, but you can switch to your earbuds while you’re in bed. 

  • You Can Watch With Glasses 

The design of your eyeglasses is very crucial. As long as your glasses aren’t too thick, most VR devices with padding can be worn with glasses. The straps can be adjusted to find the perfect fit. Oculus Rift, Vive, and Gear VR are all compatible with glasses.  

  • Take A Break  

It would help if you always gave your eyes a break. This is especially important when wearing a VR device. When watching a 90-minute film, it’s advised that you take two breaks. 


Technology will continuously evolve and will never cease to surprise people with the possibilities that they can do, especially in the field of entertainment. Back in the day, primary developments in video technology introduced authentic sound and color in movie and television screens. Today, VR devices can bring a new perspective to your movie experience. That said, keep this article as a guide while you traverse the world of modern technology through virtual reality.




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