How To Customize Your Business Presentation

Businesses today face many obstacles, with unprecedented global competition, unpredictable market trends, and supply chain issues. As a result, most companies must fight to earn every customer, client, or deal. Often, important business transactions begin with a pitch that hinges on an effective presentation. PowerPoints and other custom presentations serve as the vehicle for delivering key messages and highlighting important information. Considering the critical role of a business PowerPoint, you must create effective, custom presentations that make a big impact on your target audience. Even with presentation tools and software available, however, many presentations fall flat.

The problem with many presentations is that they don’t engage the audience and fail to highlight key points. Effective presentations include well-designed slides that bring in numerous elements to engage and inform the audience. The role of the presenter is to deliver a compelling, persuasive message. The job of your presentation is to prove what you are saying. An effective presenter creates a custom presentation that promotes big ideas and business plans. From the click of the first slide, the audience will decide whether they are with you or are no longer interested in a few moments.

A custom presentation that is engaging and informative incorporates the right balance of graphics, illustrations, text, fonts, and colors to create a simple and compelling argument. When creating your business PowerPoint, there are a few basic concepts to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at some ways to customize your business presentation.

Create a visual story across your slides

A key element of any business PowerPoint presentation or other custom slide show is visual elements. Graphs, charts, illustrations, and other visual elements have been proven to aid understanding and learning. Effective illustrations and infographics provide evidence for presentation, and they engage your audience. Many professors, business leaders, and others have experienced “death by PowerPoint” during their presentations. When their slides contain too much text, data, and information, the audience begins to glaze over and no longer pay attention.

You can avoid disengaging your audience by turning your data into compelling visual elements. Business pitches using custom presentations often want to showcase profitability, sales trends, and other data to make their case. Instead of listing this information, it is more effective to demonstrate it with graphs and charts on your slides.

Ensure that your slides have a consistent design


Theme and consistency in your business presentation design will help unify your slide deck and present a cohesive picture. With so many design tools and options, it is easy to design slides with varying text, colors, and fonts throughout the presentation. Instead, however, your goal should be to create a custom presentation with visual unity. This can best be accomplished by using custom templates that maintain design consistency on each slide. When you design a template, you will only have to add information and visuals to each slide.

When designing your templates, be sure that you commit to a color palette, font family, and basic background design. Your templates should include similar layouts for each slide. Having the same elements across all of your slides creates uniformity in your presentation that will also help you stay on brand. A roller coaster ride through a slide show of various colors, animations, transitions, and fonts presents a juvenile image and will distract your audience.

Maintain simplicity across your slides


Audience members are always looking for a quick way to your point. Too much information complicates your slides and muddles your custom presentation. Too much information and ancillary material will lose the audience. One of the most important points for creating powerful slides is to keep your presentation simple. Craft each slide with pertinent information and visuals.

A custom presentation might be your only shot to secure a deal in business. Your goal should be to create consistent, simple, and visually appealing slides that engage your audience and sell your points.




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