How Playing Video Games Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Brain

New gaming tools are being developed with time. Games have come a long way from Arcade games and Nintendo Switch portable games console to online gaming applications. When you play video games most of the time, others usually tell you to stop because they think it makes you lazy and unproductive. Well, anything in excess is wrong, but video games have many benefits as well. It helps stimulate your brain functions, which helps you a great deal in everyday life. Some of the positive effects of gaming on the brain are mentioned in this article.

It Enhances Your Decision Making Ability:

If you play fast-paced and complicated games, it can improve your thinking and decision-making ability. While playing games like PUBG, you have to make fast decisions when fighting your opponent. Specifically for the console games like Need For Speed, you have to change your car directions quickly.

Frequent gamers develop fast decision-making ability in real life too. They want to get things done without delaying it. In games, you face difficult situations, which ends up helping you in real life experiences.

Social Skills:

Sticking to your computer or any other device to play games most of the day can make it hard to develop your social skills. But you can find a way to stay social while you are gaming. People like to play games with others, which helps them in making virtual friends. They communicate with their new friends on different kinds of subjects and even agree to have real-life interactions.

People with social anxiety can start polishing their social skills through video game interactions first. This factor can help them open up to people in real life as well.

Helps in Maintaining Your Physical Fitness:

With the advancement of technology, games are being developed that require you to play with physical movements. You can play video games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports to have fun and exercise. It is best for people who think workouts are boring and lack motivation.

Working out helps your body stay fit, and the brain remains alert and active. It improves your mood, which positively affects your other activities.


Different games have different settings and places; some even have real life-based stories attached to them, like Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, based on World War II. Games like these make a person curious about the story and try to learn more about it.

As you keep on passing challenging levels, you become motivated to perform better; this stimulates the brain’s working. Your mind stays active, and this factor helps in performing your real-life duties as well.

Improves Memory:

When you are playing video games like Grand Theft Auto, you have to remember many things while you are playing, like where you have to find your weapons and where to hide from your enemies. Gamers can navigate their places well as they keep on playing.

When you are doing many tasks and roaming around a virtual game, your brain part hippocampus gets activated. It then converts your short-term memory to long-term memory. This enhanced function helps you in real life. You can easily navigate physical places even if you have been there once.

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