How Much Would It Cost to Insure Iron Man?

We all love superheroes, and part of the fun is trying to imagine which superheroes we would ourselves like to be. Whether we want to enjoy the dark yet glamorous life of Batman, or rough yet lovable life of Spider-man, there’s a definite enjoyment to be had out of working out what our lives would be like in the shoes of our favorite comic book creations.

That said however, possibly one of the most glitzy, affluent and straight-cut lives is that of Iron Man, who seems to have everything going for him. Whether it’s the arsenal of high-end sports cars that he has in his garage, the fleet of personal airplanes that he has at the airport, or just the sea front mansion – there’s no doubt that his life is one to be envied.

But this got us thinking, what would it actually be like to be Iron Man? We see him in battle all the time. We see him driving fast cars in nearly every other scene when he is not suited up. But there’s no doubt that there are some parts of his life that we just aren’t privy to.

One of the questions we asked was, how much would it actually cost to insure Iron Man? Then we found this graphic created that answered our question perfectly. Check it out!

Take a look below:





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