How Do You Get Netflix For Free? 8 Genius Tricks to Watch Without Paying

Finding Netflix for free has become a quest for many. In October 2020, Netflix removed its 30-day free trial in the U.S., and later, in other countries including Kenya by 2023. This article reveals eight brilliant methods to enjoy Netflix without spending money.

Discover how to keep up with your favorite movies and shows – read on!

Key Takeaways

Netflix stopped offering free trials in the U.S. by late 2020 and in Kenya by 2023. Now, getting a sneak peek without paying isn’t possible through official offers.

T-Mobile users can enjoy “Netflix on Us,” which covers the cost of an ad-supported Netflix plan. Other service bundles from Verizon and Comcast also offer Netflix access as part of their deals.

Using gift cards or promo codes is another method to access Netflix without direct payment, applicable for both new and existing users.

Sharing a Netflix account within your household under its “Household” policy allows multiple users to split the cost fairly.

You can use VPNs like ExpressVPN to connect to servers in countries where Netflix offers lower subscription rates, such as Turkey, to save money on fees.

Netflix’s Free Trial Policies

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Netflix once gave a free trial to new watchers. Now, it changes by place and sometimes isn’t there.

Overview of Recent Changes

Netflix stopped its free trial in the U.S. back in late 2020. By 2023, they also pulled this option from Kenya. This means you can’t just sign up to watch shows or movies without paying anymore.

Before, people could try Netflix for a month at no cost. Now, everyone has to pay from the start.

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Changes came with new info in November 2023 about ending these trials globally. So, regardless of where you are, getting a sneak peek without opening your wallet isn’t possible on Netflix now.

This shift pushes viewers to look for other ways to get their movie and show fix, or dive into services like PIA or geo-blocking tools for more variety and pricing perks across regions.

Variations by Region

Transitioning from the overview of Netflix’s recent policy changes, we see significant differences in their offerings based on geographical location. Here’s a concise breakdown of variations by region:

RegionNetflix’s AvailabilityPromotions or Trials
United StatesAvailableNo free trials as of late 2020
KenyaAvailableRemoved free trials in 2023
Other Selected RegionsAvailableVaries, some regions still offer limited free trials or promotional offers

For viewers in regions with restricted access to these platforms, a strategy like using a Michigan VPN can bypass geographical restrictions. This ensures access to all Netflix releases and adds security for online viewing habits. Each region’s Netflix access and promotional offers change, reflecting local strategies and viewer preferences. This table summarizes key differences, showcasing the importance of staying informed on where and how Netflix offers its services globally.

Strategies for Free or Discounted Netflix Access

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Getting Netflix without paying sounds cool, right? Check out gifts and deals from T-Mobile, Verizon, and others.

‘Netflix on Us’ by T-Mobile

T-Mobile users get a cool perk called “Netflix on Us.” This deal gives you access to Netflix’s ad-supported plan without extra cost. You just need to add it on the T-Mobile app or their website.

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It’s easy, but remember, billing switches can take up to two cycles. They cover the new version of Netflix that has ads and fewer movies. If you don’t want it anymore, just tell T-Mobile, and they’ll remove it.

With ‘Netflix on Us,’ enjoying movies at no extra charge has never been easier for T-Mobile customers.

This feature makes sure you don’t miss out on your favorite shows or films because of unskippable ads or a smaller library. Plus, all of this is wrapped in your regular phone bill – one less payment to worry about!

Service Bundles Offering Netflix from Verizon and Comcast

Verizon and Comcast have found ways to bundle Netflix with their services. These deals mean you can enjoy Netflix alongside other streaming platforms without paying extra.

  1. Verizon gives you a $10 monthly subscription that includes ad-supported versions of HBO Max and Netflix. This service, part of their myPlan, allows customers to stream movies and TV shows across different genres.
  2. Comcast’s “StreamSaver” package rolls out in May 2024. It bundles Netflix, Peacock, and Apple TV Plus at a reduced cost for its users.
  3. With the Verizon offer, subscribers get access to a wide array of films and series from HBO Max along with their Netflix favorites.
  4. Comcast customers enjoy the benefit of consolidating their entertainment needs. Peacock and Apple TV Plus add more viewing options alongside Netflix.
  5. The Verizon bundle enhances connectivity by including these services on top of its reliable internet connection.
  6. Comcast’s StreamSaver appeals to those looking for variety without the high cost, making it easier to manage subscriptions under one bill.
  7. Both offers require an internet connection from the provider to claim these deals, ensuring a smooth streaming experience on devices like Roku or iPhone.
  8. Subscribers use their existing log-in details for each service but manage payments through their Verizon or Comcast account for simplified billing.
  9. Gift cards or promo codes cannot directly apply to these bundles, but may offer additional savings on other services offered by Verizon or Comcast.
  10. Subscribing through these bundles might also give access to unique features such as parental controls, enhancing user experience further.
  11. Users appreciate being able to watch movies in VR or enjoying Christian movies across various platforms included in these bundles, catering to diverse interests.
  12. Through offers like these, Verizon and Comcast help overcome geoblocks, providing content that was previously unavailable in certain regions due to restrictions.

Redeeming Netflix Gift Cards and Promotional Codes

To cut down on your Netflix subscription cost, use gift cards or promo codes. Go to the Netflix site and punch in your gift card code. It’s that simple for both new and existing users.

If you’re a new user, hit “GIFT CODE” on the payment page and type in your code. Be aware, getting a Netflix gift card from MTC Game might take hours for delivery.

Sharing these codes with friends stands as a legal way to enjoy movies without extra pay. This method ensures everyone gets their fill of film without breaking any rules. Always check your email after buying online; sometimes, the delivery can be quick!

Sharing Netflix Accounts Legally

Netflix makes it clear. You can share your account, but only with people in your house. This rule helps everyone stay honest and keeps sharing fair. Split the cost of a Netflix Premium plan, and you each pay $6.66 a month.

Not bad for all the movies and shows you get.

Netflix’s “Household” policy is simple—share your password with those who live with you. No one else outside gets access; this keeps things legal and within Netflix rules.

Sharing the joy of movies and shows starts at home.

Next up, let’s talk about how to grab Netflix deals through mobile services…

Leveraging Mobile and Internet Service Promotions for Netflix

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Use your phone or web provider deals to get Netflix without paying extra. Many companies give special offers that include free streaming on platforms like Netflix. Look for these promotions and claim your chance to enjoy movies and shows at no added cost! Keep exploring to find out more ways to watch without breaking the bank.

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How to Claim Netflix with T-Mobile

Getting Netflix for free is a smart move for T-Mobile users. It’s a straightforward process that adds value to your mobile experience. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Check if your T-Mobile plan qualifies for ‘Netflix on Us’. Not all plans come with this perk.
  2. Visit the T-Mobile website or open the mobile app. You’ll find the option to add ‘Netflix on Us’ under your account services.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by T-Mobile to link your Netflix account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create it.
  4. After linking, T-Mobile takes over the billing for your Netflix subscription. This shift occurs within one to two billing cycles.
  5. Wait patiently for the billing transition to complete. You won’t get charged by Netflix during this period.
  6. Enjoy streaming movies and TV shows without extra charges as long as you keep your qualifying T-Mobile plan active.
  7. Remember, T-Mobile covers “Standard with ads” subscription type. If you prefer another type, additional charges may apply.
  8. You can request to remove ‘Netflix on Us’ at any time via the T-Mobile app or website.

Using these steps ensures you make the most out of your T-Mobile plan while enjoying endless entertainment from Netflix without dipping into your wallet. Next, let’s explore service bundles from Verizon and Comcast that also offer Netflix advantages.

Details of Verizon’s Netflix + Max Bundle

Verizon offers a bundle for $10 a month. This deal gives you access to HBO Max and Netflix with ads. It’s part of Verizon’s myPlan service. You get to watch many shows and movies without paying extra for each streaming service.

This offer lets subscribers use two popular streaming platforms at a low cost. People can enjoy both ad-supported versions through one subscription. Save money and keep up with your favorite series and films easily.

Features of Comcast’s ‘StreamSaver’ Bundle

Comcast’s “StreamSaver” package brings a deal you can’t miss. It packages Netflix, Peacock, and Apple TV Plus together. Customers get these streaming services at a lower price. The offer started in May 2024, making it easier for Comcast users to enjoy their favorite shows and movies.

This bundle saves money and simplifies billing by combining three major platforms into one account.

The “StreamSaver” is perfect for movie buffs and series followers who want variety without the hassle of multiple subscriptions. With this bundle, users access diverse libraries from Netflix’s hits, Peacock’s classics, and Apple TV Plus’s exclusives.

It offers entertainment options across genres and interests on one bill, proving Comcast understands what streamers value most: convenience and cost-saving.

Cost-Saving Options for Netflix in Different Countries

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You can pay less for Netflix by signing up in countries with cheaper rates. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to change your location and grab lower prices, like Windscribe or other internet security tools.

Subscribing to Netflix at Lower Rates Abroad

Netflix costs less in Turkey—only 99.99 TL (about $3.17) per month. A VPN like ExpressVPN lets you connect to Turkish servers and pay this lower rate. This method saves money by taking advantage of exchange rates.

Using a VPN can unlock Netflix’s geoblocked content and lower subscription costs.

Next, we’ll explore how accessing regional pricing with VPNs could further cut down your expenses.

Accessing Regional Pricing via VPNs

Using a VPN, like ExpressVPN, savvy users connect to servers in Turkey to snatch Netflix at a cheaper rate. This trick involves buying a Turkish gift card and setting up an account while connected to the Turkish server.

After this setup, they redeem the gift card. The process cuts costs significantly.

VPNs unlock not just budget-friendly Netflix options, but also free streaming apps and cheap IPTV services. For those tired of high fees or looking for more variety in their viewing habits, this method offers an affordable solution.

It changes how we think about accessing content across bordersmaking the world’s entertainment more accessible with just a few clicks and some smart planning.

People Also Ask

How can I watch Netflix without paying?

Get a Netflix free trial with a debit card, then cancel before it ends. Use different cards for more trials.

Can I share an account to access Netflix for free?

Yes, account-sharing is common. Friends or family who already subscribed let you log in on your device.

Is using VPNs to watch Netflix from other countries legal?

Using a VPN, like virtual private networks, changes your location online for privacy and might unlock shows not available in your area… but check Netflix’s rules first.

Are there phone plans that offer free Netflix?

Indeed, the T-Mobile network includes plans where they give you credit for Netflix subscriptions.

What about watching through other platforms?

Platforms like Kodi allow streaming, but ensure internet privacy and avoid piracy—stay legal!



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