How Digital Signage Enhances In-Store Experiences

Why are so many people investing in digital signs and Apple TV Digital Signage? Why are digital signs suddenly possible? Is it because they were a big feature of the pandemic lockdown? Is it because they are cheaper than ever before? Are small and large businesses buying them because they are more accessible than ever to install and run? The answer is “Yes” to all of them. If you are still on the fence about investing in digital signs, then here are the questions your customers are asking and the answers that digital signs give.

Where Should I Go?

People walk into your store or event, and they want to know where they should go, they want to know where your products are, where the refreshments are, and where the bathrooms are. Digital signs can tell people all of this and more.

Where is the Product I Want?

Your signs can flash different products and point in different directions on your digital signs. Your static signs can point in one direction, but your digital signs can flash up different images and point in many directions. They can do more if you make them interactive so people can look up their products’ locations.

How Does The Product I Want Work?

Show people how your products work. You cannot demonstrate your power washers in the store, but you can demonstrate them through digital signs. You can show comparison videos with your competitors too. 

Is The Changing Room Free?

Your digital signs can show people which changing rooms are free. They can show people when they should enter your store and tell how many people are waiting for specific events or services. 

Where is the Checkout?

You can use digital signs to show people which directions they should go to find the checkout. When people get to the checkout, they can wait in the queue, and when checkout is free, then one of the digital signs can indicate which checkout is free so that the people in the queue can walk towards it.

Where is the Car Park?

Perhaps after events, or after somebody has finished shopping, they will want to know where the exits are and where the car park is. You can show people where these places are with your digital signs. Plus, when the event starts, your signs can point to the event, and at the end, the sign changes to show where the car park is located.

Is This Store Thriving or Failing?

A store that is struggling cannot have digital signs and high-tech things running in their store. If your place is moderately successful, you can show people they made the right choice by having digital signs. Failing companies cannot afford to invest in technology.

What is That Over There?

People may not walk into your store looking for a new hot tub; when they see your store model in the shop, they may wander over. The problem is that they don’t want that specific hot tub, but it doesn’t matter because your digital signs show off all the alternatives your customers could buy. Sell to people as they walk around your store.

You Have Full Creative Control

You can choose how you use your digital signs as the store owner. You can set up digital signs to work as interactive maps, or you can set them up to take menu orders. You can have people pay using your digital signs or show off how your products beat your competitors. If you wish, you can even use digital signs to organize and inform your staff to stay on target and on a mission. You have complete creative control over how you use your digital signs.




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