HouseTrip: What’s All the Buzz About?

Applications that are dubbed as being “useful” will always prevail, that’s just the kind of society that we currently live in. People are always nose deep in their phones, and that’s why applications are reigning supreme at this point. If it weren’t for the entire smart phone epidemic, we probably wouldn’t be able to access the millions of apps we can today. HouseTrip is a brand new way for you to go about renting out your property for vacation purposes, except there’s a unique little twist added into the mix. Most applications that are going to actually get used on a frequent basis will cost you money, but HouseTrip is absolutely free (can you say affordable?).

A trip just isn’t going to be perfect without the right place to stay at, especially if you’re going for a relatively long vacation. That’s why homes that can be rented out are in such high demand, there’s always going to be a family vacation or two around your area; which means potential to make some revenue. Why would you stay at a hotel when there’s way too many variables out of your control, staying at a home allows you to control as much as possible on your trip. It’s exactly like being back at your regular house, except you get to experience things you never would otherwise. We’ll walk through some of the features incorporated within HouseTrip, as well as why you’re going to benefit from using the application.

The Break-Down: What’s So Good About HouseTrip?

There are tons of innovative features to make use of with HouseTrip, it’ll allow you rent your home out to the perfect client. If you didn’t have the right clients last time, using HouseTrip will ensure that you’re going to get the perfect fit this time around. Check out some of the awesome things HouseTrip has to offer:

Communication – Communication is key when you’re looking to rent a vacation home. You can actually chat back and forth between potential property renters when it comes to making a deal, and you’ll be able to do this on the go.

Calendars – You can easily look up your schedule (in regards to any phone calls or potential meetings you may have), you can also let people know when you’re available to talk about things. This allows you to communicate much more efficiently as well.

Everyday Use – With the “Check-in” and “Check-outs” tabs, you can seamlessly check who’s coming and going. You can monitor your property without even having to be there; or having some sort of complicated security system set up.

As Convenient As Possible – Convenience in its purest form, it’s never been this easy to find clients who want to rent your home!

It’s the easiest way to go about renting your home out to potential clients, so think of
HouseTrip the next time you’re looking to host. There is nothing but great reviews in regards to this application and it’s available on both Android and iOS.




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