Hanger With Built-In Dryer Fan

You know what’s really annoying as you are about to leave the house? Getting your clothing wet from your drink or maybe your toddler throwing a fit. It can even happen at the office. If you’re at home, you can always change clothes but sometimes you just want to wear something particular on that day. The solution is the Electric Clothes Dryer Fan Hanger by Thanko.

This gadget is very simple to use as it only has one button functionality. The Electric Dryer Hanger features a small motor that blows warm air and is able to dry a clothing article such as a shirt, sweater, or jacket as long as it weighs no more than 11 pounds. It also comes with a secondary attachment that allows you to dry wet shoes and boots in case you had a mishap with a puddle of water. If it’s an average spill on your shirt, it should take no longer than a few minutes to dry.


Ideally, you’d want one for your home and one at the office. It’s available for $93 over at Japan Trend Shop. Convince a few people at the office and you can all pitch in and get one for your team. Then you have to figure out if walking around the office without a shirt while you wait for the drying process is office appropriate.




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