Graphics Cards 101

Upgrading your PC is an inevitability – the only question is when you will have to do it. Video games that crop up in today’s modern era have higher and higher system requirements. If your PC does not meet the minimum specs for the game, odds are you will not be able to play it at all. When the time comes that you realize you need to upgrade to access a game you are interested in, you may ask about where to start.

Graphics Card

Graphics cards are the muscle behind every cinematic, cut scene, and action in a video game. For those wanting to upgrade their PCs, you have to start here. Look at your current graphics card and see if it still matches up with requirements in today’s games.

The graphics card dictates how smooth the visuals are at any given moment when playing. Newer games often strive for realism, especially when it comes to the visual aspect. Every big company wants their games to look like something out of the real world, giving their players immersion like never before. For you to experience the game as it is, you need a graphics card that can keep up. Graphics cards help determine the game’s frame rate (FPS). A lower-than-average FPS would look very sluggish, and can make the game unplayable.

Name your Price

Those wanting top-tier graphics cards may have to brace themselves. Graphics cards have increased in price exponentially after the cryptocurrency mining boom a few years ago, and it is still elevated today. While prices have started to slowly go back to their original ranges, they are still very high. The GeForce RTX 2080 TI for example, one of the top cards available now, will cost you over a thousand dollars to acquire. It can seriously burn a hole through your savings account if you are not careful.

Moreover, unless you win the jackpot at a lottery, you may have to settle for something at your price range. The important thing to do is to set a limit on how much you can spend. This way, you would not overspend over a single part of the CPU. Remember, you still have to upgrade the remaining parts! Of course, you can still take that shot at a lottery win, and with our Pennsylvania lottery online bonus codes, you may just get your dream hardware!

Mind your Monitor

No matter how powerful your CPU is, if your monitor cannot keep up, it is all for naught. Monitors have refresh rates (Hz), and it directly limits your game’s FPS. Basic monitors only offer 60 Hz maximum. This means that the game can only run at a maximum of 60 FPS. Gaming monitors are available out there and can go farther than the basic varieties. They can go up to 240 Hz, which can give your graphics card the ability to meet its full potential. Getting a new graphics card can sometimes be complicated, as it will affect most parts of your CPU. Do your research, and make sure to set limits in prices!




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