Glass Masters – The Art Of Fixing Automotive Glass

Regardless of what industry you are in, if you do your job well, you may be considered an “artist” by some people. A few quick examples of this include musicians, actors, jewelry designers, dancers, and even strippers! My personal favorite though are the people in the automotive industry. When you are good with working on vehicles, you are an artist in my eyes whether it’s mechanical, software, or aesthetics like bodywork and paint.

Most of us that have vehicles know that a rock chip in the windshield or a crack is going to happen at some point. It’s not a matter of if but when. But the good news is that mild chips and cracks can be easily fixed. It all depends on the type of damage as well as making sure that the structure of the windshield is not compromised.

Watch the video below to see the art of fixing automotive glass. You will also learn a few things about automotive glass along the way. Very cool to actually see the process.





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