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Backpacks That Charge Your Phone

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Have you ever had a long day and your phone starts to die? Well lucky for you, there is a solution! Many companies have begun developing backpacks that can help solve this problem!

The company TYLT have backpacks that will charge your device on the go! Their basic backpack “Active” is perfect for high school or college students. The backpack is priced at $79.99. It can also charge your tablet! You just plug up the charger you currently own into the USB installed on the backpack. Charge your devices anytime and anywhere. Just be cautious if your phone is prone to overheating.

However, if you are looking for more colorful options, the company Ranvoo also offers laptop backpacks on Amazon for a much lower price between $23-32. These backpacks come in the colors gray, black, blue, and purple. This backpack also has built-in anti-theft design technology. This type of safe technology can be extremely helpful on college campuses where sticky fingers could be present.

If you prefer not to opt for these backpacks, you can always grab a portable charger from just about anywhere online! With new development in technology rapidly expanding, I am sure these backpacks will become more popular and eventually will hit many stores. School shopping will return very soon for many parents, and a charger backpack could be the perfect gift for your child. Many schools are now utilizing cell phones, tablets, and even Chromebooks in the classroom to engage in interactive learning. Some schools even offer online textbooks instead of having your child carry a heavy physical textbook on their back. If your child often forgets to charge their devices and need them for school, this is yet another great reason to purchase these backpacks.

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Taj Uddin Ahmed July 12, 2019 at 11:35 pm

Backpacks are one of the most essential things that we carry every day. A good backpack can play the role of a good friend. It is obvious that we can carry our most needed document and stuff in the bag. So the bag discussed above is great. Thousands of people are using that bag and are also accelerating to purchase it every passing day. I think you will not regret buying this bag.


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