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How Attractive Sunglasses Do More Than Improve Your Style

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Nothing makes a guy look more hip than a pair of sunglasses. Just think of Neo in The Matrix. Michael Knight in Knight Rider. The Blues Brothers!

While attractive sunglasses do give you that certain laid-back je ne sais quois, they’re also really good for your health. My current sunglasses are a wood-framed design from Oh My Woodness. Here are the top five reasons that you should never be without your favorite pair.

1. Protect Your Eyesight

Researchers believe that there may be a link between exposure to sunlight and macular degeneration, a disease that causes progressive vision loss in older people, as well as things like cataracts and glaucoma.

Because you can do permanent damage to your eyes by exposing them to prolonged UV rays, sunglasses simply make sense.

2. Get Serious About Skin Cancer

Most people know to slather on sunscreen and protect their faces, arms, and legs from the searing hot sun. Quite often, people don’t realize that the protection should extend to the skin around our eyes. Because the is too sensitive to apply sunscreen in that area, it’s often left vulnerable and exposed to burning UV rays. To avoid skin cancer and fine lines (yep, guys: we get them, too!), throw on a pair of protective sunglasses and go about your day.

3. Safe Driving

If you’ve ever been driving along and zoomed around a curve that put you squarely facing the sun, you know the pain of fumbling for the sun shade in the car and alternately cursing the sun gods while praying for them to steer you in the right direction. For your safety (and that of everyone around you), keep a pair of sunglasses handy.

4. No More Squinting

It’s all about the comfort, baby! I frequently visit family members who live on the beach. Having forgotten my sunglasses on at least one trip, I know the discomfort of going about a beautiful summer day trying to enjoy oneself in the sand while squinting and shading your eyes the entire time. Sunglasses are a must if you spend time outdoors.

5. There’s More Than Just Sun…

Sunglasses also protect your eyes from all the other dangerous and uncomfortable things that are aiming for your eyes when you step outside. From wind and dust to sand and snow, a pair of sunglasses are key to keeping your eyes safe and comfortable.

Bonus: This doesn’t apply to all sunglasses, but if you buy a pair from the Oh My Woodness! Collection, they’ll plant a tree in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, or Haiti. This makes them attractive, good for your health, and great for the planet. Triple win!


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