Frii Plastic Bike by Dror Peleg

Bicylce made out recycled plastics Frii bike

So much talk about all these eco-friendly cars and our carbon foot print. Obviously, biking is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation to exist. And we all know that plastic is bad for the landfills. But what if that plastic was recycled and bicycles were produced out of this plastic? Is it possible?

It sure is hot stuff. Student, Dror Peleg, has designed the “Frii” as part of his degree program at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. The single speed bike is made out of numerous recycled plastics utilizing injection molding technology. When compared to the production of traditional metal bicycles, the process to make the “Frii” bicycle it is apparently less labor intensive.

The bearings for the bicycle are inserted into the mold before the injecting process takes place. The tires featured on this bike are also ‘flat tire’-proof. The bike also features 20 inch wheels which are smaller than traditional bikes. With the smaller wheels, the fork is also shorter which adds strength. The bicycle also features plastic ribs throughout the design of the bike for additional strength. For stability purposes, the frame had a pyramid-shaped bottom by the crank. Can you picture yourself cruising around town in this thing?





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