Four Uses for a Body Pillow to Help You Sleep Soundly

When talking about health and overall wellness, getting enough sleep is essential. Do you feel relaxed and revitalized when you wake up, or do you feel worn out and sore? If you wake up tired and stiff, a body pillow may help you sleep better.

Learn more about body pillows in this article and the benefits of this sleep routine must-have.

What Are Body Pillows?

Body pillows are larger than typical pillows – usually narrow and long – and intended to be nestled between your legs when you sleep on your side.

How can a big cushion make you sleep better?

If you have sensitive areas that you need to avoid resting on or tight, sore joints or muscles, a body pillow helps relieve pressure points and enhance spinal alignment. A body pillow provides more support than a standard pillow or even a mattress can.

Leg positioning is the only thing to be careful of when using a body pillow to sleep. You risk bending your spine and compromising your lower back posture if you cross your leg over too far.

Body Pillow vs. Regular Pillow: What’s the Difference?

Body pillows vary greatly from each other, such as the wide range of styles and dimensions. Make sure to purchase a body pillow with features that will ease your aches and pains when you’re looking for one to add to your nighttime routine so you can sleep better.

In comparison to regular pillows, body pillows are:

Therapeutic for some conditions. A large body pillow can be very beneficial for people with sleep apnea or acid reflux. It prevents you from turning over at night, exacerbating sleep apnea when you lie on your back. A body pillow can offer similar relief to those who from acid reflux by helping you stay on your left side of the bed, which will lessen the severity of your symptoms.

More comforting. Hugging something triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress. Sleeping with a body pillow held close to you can help you rest more completely, frequently resulting in a refreshed feeling when you awake. A body pillow is designed to position your entire body appropriately, relieving any neck or back ache.

It’s bigger. While a regular pillow can support your neck, a body pillow is made to align your entire body, which will help relieve any neck or back pain you may feel.

Four Ways To Use a Body Pillow To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Although using a body pillow is not difficult, it is not as simple as placing a conventional pillow under your head. The pillow should be placed such that it supports your body. To do this, have a look at the following body pillow uses in considering different sleeping postures and individual preferences.

Here are four of the best ways to use a body pillow:

  1. Those who sleep on their stomachs can relieve strain on their hips and lower back by putting a body cushion beneath or against the fronts of their ankles.
  • Using a body cushion while lying on your back could maintain the knee’s natural bend.  Place it below your knees to relieve your lower body’s weight-bearing load and promote the lumbar region’s natural curve.
  • Place your hand on the lowest portion of the cushion and gently tuck it between your knees while encircling it with your arms in a hug-like position. You can sleep on one side in the pillow-hugging position, considered the most favored posture.
  • To provide you with periodic support whenever you toss and turn at night, position the pillow next to you along the length of your body.

Why You Should Use A Body Pillow

Using a body pillow has a myriad of benefits. A body pillow can help with pressure point relief and spinal alignment and support new moms throughout pregnancy and while nursing. It can also lower stress levels and prevent tossing and turning.

It Serves as a Stress Reliever

Hugging a large, fluffy pillow can undoubtedly lower cortisol levels and relieve stress. The majority of people’s sleep quality may be affected by elevated blood pressure or heart rate. Among the many advantages of using a body pillow is that it reduces stress and promotes mental calmness.

Relieves Back Pain and Pressure Points

Pressure points can develop in a person’s body by sleeping on one side or by having an overly hard mattress, particularly in the shoulders and pelvis. Certain parts of their body typically carry the most weight. In order to prevent the high-pressure areas from becoming excessively rigid, body pillows help distribute this weight.

A body pillow, when placed between the knees, maintains the spine of the sleeper naturally straight, reduces lower back pain, and eases conditions like herniated discs.

Decreases Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Sleeping on one side is the most ideal position when using a body pillow. Lying on one side keeps the head elevated and prevents the airways from becoming inadvertently obstructed. The soft tissues at the back of the throat are kept from collapsing as a result, which helps prevent breathing disorders and lessens the impacts of snoring and sleep apnea.

Prevents Loss of Sleep

Many people have trouble falling asleep at night and frequently flip on their mattresses. Start using a body pillow as a foolproof remedy for this. A U-shaped pillow is the best pillow to support them and keep the spine straight and properly aligned.

Key Takeaway

The most innovative sleeping aid of all time is, by far, a body pillow. If you know how to use it properly and pick the right one for your needs, including these enormous pillows in your sleep routine has the power to fully transform how you sleep. Add a body pillow to your nightly arsenal of sleep buddies, and you’ll wake up from the best ZZZs you’ve ever had.




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