Finding your Sport as a Fan and as a Player

Being a sports fan can be a gateway to making new friends and learning a new hobby along the way. Sports have many factors that can appeal to any fan. The first is competition – there is nothing more exhilarating than trying to outdo an opponent. Another aspect is mastery. In order to be at the top 1% of the sport, you have to ensure full mastery of the craft. Seeing these masters play their game can also be very fun to watch.

Here are some sports and games you can check out. See if any of them spark your interest, whether as a player or a spectator.


The world of Poker is full of suspense, heartbreak, twists, turns, and of course – riches beyond your wildest dreams. Whether as a player or as a humble spectator, seeing Poker unfold before your eyes can be a very mesmerizing thing.

For those who want to learn, you need to watch the best. Tournaments all over can be seen on TV. These shows often come with commentators who try to explain strategies to viewers. Those who want to try out the game for themselves can easily do so online. Plenty of websites offer you the chance to play online poker games that match you against other players in exchange for money and other prizes.


Basketball is a classic American sporting event. They are held in massive arenas, as well as simple gymnasiums. All you need is a ball, a hoop, and you are all ready to go. Being a fan of basketball can be a very social experience. One can watch it at home with friends or at a sports bar with strangers.

Best of all, basketball has a worldwide appeal. You can travel all over the world and still strike up a conversation about the game. Those wanting to try their hands on actually playing the game can also do so without worrying about a learning curve. Watching with friends is one thing – playing with them is even more exciting.


Soccer has rabid fans all over the world. While it may not hold as much fanfare in the States, soccer has the ability to sell out entire stadiums everywhere else. This fanfare goes to a fever pitch especially during tournaments such as the World Cup or the Olympics.

Joining the fun is as easy as picking a team to root for and watch them try to win it all. For those wanting to try to play, this can be a bit more complicated than basketball. First, not every city has a soccer field – as opposed to a basketball court in every corner. Finding other players may also be difficult especially if your area does not have a very active soccer fanbase.

Final Words

Whether it is with a ball or a pack of cards, finding a sport you enjoy watching can be the bridge to you actually trying it out. Find what fits you and see for yourself. Best-case scenario, you just found the hobby that can help you be more social during your free time.




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