Employee Recognition Secrets: 6 Tips for Creating a Culture of Appreciation

Do you run a business? If so, now’s the time to start showing more appreciation for your employees. A workforce that feels valued and respected will work much harder than one that’s underappreciated and ignored. Employee recognition is one of the most effective ways of motivating your employees and encouraging them to do their best. This post aims to explore this topic in more detail and explain six tips for how you can create a culture of appreciation and make your employees work a lot harder than they might perhaps already be.

1.     Recognising Employees

So, does employee recognition interest you? It’s not hard to see why it might, considering the benefits of it. The experts from Workhuman explain all of the benefits of recognizing employees at great length on a page featured on their website and one of these is that they’ll work significantly harder. By motivating employees to work harder than they currently are, your company’s profits will go up significantly. When employees work harder, they are more productive, and as a consequence, your company will be able to generate a lot more money for itself.

2.     Formal Recognition

In an article published on the website quoted in the previous section, it is advised to formally recognize employees. You can do this by telling them that you appreciate how hard they are working and even giving them a bonus or some kind of gift to show them that you are appreciative of the work that they are doing. Formal recognition is how you essentially show employees you are grateful for how they work. To be honest, you don’t have to give employees anything for you to formally recognize them. All you really have to do is tell them you see how hard they are working and that you appreciate it.

3.     Offering Bonuses

As noted in the previous section, offering bonuses to employees can be a highly effective way of letting them know that you appreciate them. Being more appreciative of employees is a great way to boost their productivity levels, as noted already. Bonuses can be anything, from time off work or a salary increase.

4.     Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month can be a highly effective way of boosting employee productivity. This is because you’ll be publicly recognizing them in front of your entire company. Public recognition can be motivational because it shows everybody else what an exemplary employee really looks like and allows them to emulate them.

5.     Identifying Troublemakers

In addition to formally recognizing employees who behave and work well, you also need to make consistent efforts to identify employees who are troublemakers. Identifying such employees can make running your business considerably easier, as you’ll know who to punish and who to ultimately fire if work does not improve.

6.     Engagement Surveys

Engagement surveys give you the chance to gauge company opinion. Make sure that when you send these surveys out, you send them out with the option to report back anonymously. Anonymous surveys tend to be answered more honestly by employees.

Business ownership can be challenging at the best of times. If you run one, you need to make sure that all employees are engaged, interested, and motivated. You can do this by following the steps given here and recognizing them for their hard work.




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