Emergency Drone Reaches Finals in US-China Competition

A global drone competition held in China is turning a few heads. The China-US Young Makers Competition is just that – a challenge for future minds. They scour the globe for potential creations that may benefit the people. The competition started last month, where it opened to all entries worldwide. The finals will take place in a month, where they will crown a winner.

Their main goal is simple: to build innovative projects that solve real world problems.

Emergency Drone:

One of the participants in this 60-team final round is a drone that was specifically built to save lives. Yes, it is its primary source for existing. In today’s modern world where drones are seen more as aerial scouts and mobile cameras, this can be a breakthrough.

Gonzalo Perez, an American, is behind this particular idea. The drone itself can help people in emergency situations. First of all, it can deliver vital goods fast. I know what you are thinking, yes this particular idea is not something new. A number of drone projects worldwide have begun delivering blood and medicine to and from hospitals. This leads to a faster response time and increases the chance of a patient’s survival. The main difference is that this drone can carry more – loads more. In fact, it is estimated to be able to carry and fit five times more cargo, which increases its potential immensely.

This particular drone also has another complementary feature to the delivery. It can communicate with the person in need. It has a built-in camera that can help bridge messages between emergency responders and the victim. Although not much was said on this particular feature, companies are still on notice.

The culmination of the China-US Young Makers Competition will see bright young minds show off their inventions. I for one cannot wait to see what they have to offer. The future looks indeed bright with them at the helm.




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