Drone Photography: The Undisputed Top 5

Today we take a close look at drones you can use to take aerial pictures and record videos.  Many features have been taken into consideration for a drone to be a part of this list for example price, camera, video resolution, and even battery life.

Most of the drones on this list are from DJI the best and largest drone company in the world. You might have heard their names in the news lately because of some issues but don’t worry you can still buy their drones in the U.S. Amazon still have these drone in inventory. Please note before flying down these drones some of them must be registered. Anyway, let begin.  

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DJI Mavic Air 2

With the Mavic Air 2, you can capture some really great content without having to color grade. It is very nice, small and compact. This means the drone is very easy to travel with. It is very easy to pack just put it inside the case and you are good to go. The drone comes with an intelligent flight mode. It has a rated air time of 30 minutes and the battery is a reasonable price. This means you could buy a couple of batteries when wanting to shoot something with a longer time period. This drone is a great all-around drone for everyone.

  • Estimated price: $800
  • Camera Resolution: 12 MP
  • Weight: 570g
  • Battery: 3950 mAh (30 minutes of flight time)
  • Range: 10 km
  • Video Resolution: 4k
  • Controller: Yes (No screen on it)


One of the main selling points of the Mavic mini is it weighs 249g. This is important because it put it at the lowest and safest weight class of drone. It has a maximum video resolution of 2.7k. It is alright if all you do is shooting YouTube videos. The camera is 12 MP and it only takes JPEG which is a bit of a bummer, but it captures some really good images. It also boasts a maximum of 4km and has 30 minutes flight time. It is pretty impressive for a drone of the size. One issue to consider before buying is that it doesn’t have an obstacle avoidance system.

If you are just starting out in drone cinematography or fancying owning a remote control super toy then Mavic mini is the best money you’ll ever spend and it will be an asset to your videography collection.


This is the king of premium drones. Despite it, impressive skill set the Mavic 2 Pro is easy to fly and intuitive to control. It has a range of intelligent shooting and flight modes that make capturing cinematic shots great. It also has some of the most advanced flight camera Tech available making it capable of delivering grade images, yet still accessible for beginners provided you don’t need optical zoom. This is pretty much the perfect drone for most people.

  • Weight: 907g
  • Camera Resolution: 20 MP
  • Battery: 3950 mAh
  • Controller: Yes
  • Range: 8k
  • Advanced yet easy to fly
  • Noise is a problem above ISO 100
  • Excellent foldable design

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The Parrot Anafi is a light drone weighing about 320g. Its camera resolution is about 21 MP with a lossless zoom. It has about 17 minutes of flight time. One issue with the drone it does not have an obstacle avoidance system. So one has to be careful when flying it. It has a maximum video resolution of 4k better than that of the DJI Mavic mini.

 This drone has a coolness factor in the way it looks. It somewhat resembles an insect. The drone is also neat which also folds up pretty in case you want to travel with it. This drone is quiet to fly. It also has manual control for the camera. One issue to consider when about to buy it doesn’t have a good Wi-Fi connection when flying in a place with many Wi-Fi.

  • Estimated price: $600
  • Camera Resolution: 21MP
  • Video Resolution: 4k
  • Weigh: 320g
  • Battery: 17 minutes of flight time
  • Controller: Yes


Yes just as the name implies this drone looks exactly like an egg before the legs and Blade retract. Tap the power button 3 time and it opens the leg (pretty cool) automatically. It pretty cool that when recording you don’t see other parts of your drone in the videos.

Vision power egg tends to the shaky outside when the weather is windy which is something to consider when buying. Battery life is roughly 20 minutes. It comes with a handy case which makes it easier to travel with.




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