Cute Salt & Pepper Shaker Bots

Salt-And-Pepper-Shaker-Bots“Could you please pass the salt” just took on a whole ‘nother meaning.  You don’t need to reach over plates and people to send a salt or pepper shaker across the table to some that needs to spice up their food, thanks to this set of cool little Salt & Pepper Bots.

These cute little robots do most of the work for you, all you need to do is just wind them up and point them in the direction you want to send them and viola, they’re there in no time.  Not only are these robotic salt and pepper shakers functional but they’re also pretty cool.  Buy them online at for £12.00 or at for $17.99 US.

Well, it was inevitable.  Passing the salt by hand just isn’t efficient enough in a world
of bullet trains, pizza delivery and broadband.  Luckily, the condiments have now
come to life!  Salt & Pepper ‘Bots will waddle wherever you tell them to.  Wind them
up and – like mini Terminators – they’ll march across the table to wage war on bland






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