Cute Robot Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Robot-Desktop-Vacuum-CleanerEarlier in the week we showed you the Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum cleaner, I really liked the design of that vacuum but the Desktop Robot Vacuum (this post’s subject) is a lot more geeky and cute.  Too bad the robot doesn’t go around on its own (like a Roomba) to clean up the crumbs and other filth you left on the table.

Like the road sweeper vacuum, the Robot Vacuum makes cleaning your desk a lot more fun while secretly making you do some work; it’s always a good thing to have a clean working environment.  And if you happen to have a little niece, you can get her to do all the work for you, who wouldn’t want to play with a “toy”.

The vacuum is simple to use, just push the button on the top to start it up and start moving it around over dirty spots like a regular vacuum, when you’re done, just twist the top off and throw away the dirt and debris.  The Robot Vacuums come in three colors (red, grey, and black) and are made out of hard plastic, so dropping them shouldn’t affect them too much.  They run on 2 AA batteries and are priced at $14.95 each, available at Useful Things gadgets shop.





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