Cool Gadget Gifts for Kids

Not sure what to fill the stockings with this Christmas? Well don’t worry, we’ve looked at some of the coolest gadget gifts for kids this Christmas. So, if you know a kid who loves their gadgets and you want some great gift ideas then read on to see our top 5 picks.

Dinosaur Design 3D Printing Pen

3d pen

3D pens are a cool new gadget that allows creative kids to make 3D models. They’re loads of fun and can help kids use their imagination and create something truly memorable. It’s not just a bit of fun, it’s also great for helping kids develop their design skills, patience and spatial awareness. The pen uses molten plastic, so it’s important to practice safety skills and make sure you’re monitoring them when using it. The pen has been a massive hit with kids, and was rated the best gift for 5 year olds. It’s also available in 4 different dinosaur colors so you can choose your kid’s favorite.

Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst

electric motorcycle toy

This STEM kit contains a range of parts and fun activities for engineering enthusiasts to complete including model cars and robots. It also offers the scope for kids to invent their own creations and there are endless ways of putting together the 50 parts including electric motor and wooden components. Everything in the box is well organised, excellent quality with clear instructions. It’s helpful at improving problem solving ability and creativity, as well as enhancing their interest in engineering and developing some fun toys to play with.

Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR

lenovo ar headset

Augmented reality is one of the coolest new technologies on the market. This AR set is powered by a smartphone and lets kids have an immersive Jedi experience with lightsaber battles and strategic combat games. You can have epic lightsaber battles against a hologram and practice your skills as you block, dodge and defeat some opponent. This is a fun and active way for kids to play games and is perfect for any Star Wars fans.

Educational Insights Artie 3000

weird robot thing

If your kid loves both art and science, then the artie robot is an amazing toy that integrates coding with a spirograph toy. Artie has pre-coded designs that it draws out with a marker pen that is attached to its body. Using artie you can program new patterns and pictures and it will draw them. This is brilliant for teaching kids the basics of computer programming in a fun and artistic way.

High Resolution Binoculars

kids binoculars

These high quality binoculars are perfect for any young explorers. These are perfect for taking on walks and travelling to help discover nature. They’re also fun for playing spy games. This pair of binoculars is particularly durable because they’re made from shock-proof rubber to help them absorb impact. The images are crisp and colorful so they’re better quality than your average toy binoculars. These are a great gadget to help kids learn about the great outdoors and have fun along the way.




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