Check Out Audials Pro, the Free and Legal Way for Digital Audio Ripping

Brace yourselves, audio junkies, because it’s only fair and legit to say that Audials Pro removes all your worries that might come up when you’re thinking about illegally downloading some tunes. The app will search through over 3,000 internet radio stations in pursuit of your favorite music. It seeks matches to your requests and then it automatically downloads them into your device. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Let’s see if it’s worth your time and money considering the features it sports.

Audials Pro features

The app allows you to create and download playlists that include your favorite artists and genres. With its help, you’ll be able to create overnight your personalized music library.

The most interesting one of its features is the Music Wishes option because here you can enter your favorite artists and they’ll be placed into a list. The app can gather up to 1,000 songs from your preferred genre, and you’ll be able to download 20 tracks at once. The app is organized in such a way that allows you to see what downloads are currently in progress and from what radio stations.

Many of the apps’ features come without having to create a pro account, but if you want to enjoy the Wish List and the Mass Recording features, and to also save music to the cloud, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro version.

Speed and stability

Even if the app’s effectiveness is quite limited it really is helpful. You can specify whether the app only plays when you’re connected to Wi-Fi or whether the buffer time is extended for curtailing playback stuttering.

In case you have a memory card for your phone, you’ll be able to swa it over anf fill the card with music.

Controls and screen

The Audials app is very responsive and intuitive and recorded song can be played straight back or they can even be put on while they’re being recorded. The app’s layout is very user-friendly and you can easily find your favorite stations and also info about what’s currently playing. You can customize the color scheme and the style of the radio list.

You’ll also find under the Radio tab a vast variety of useful features such as suggested artists and stations and a list of local stations.

Performance ratio and pricing

All you music hoarders out there will find in this app quite a handy tool at at price of $4,74. It’s very important to note that such a tool is a must-have considering the fact that downloading music is illegal. In the app’s case, downloading music via internet radio stations is fortunately, legal.

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