Candle- Heated Gloves

Most people dread the outdoors during the winter because of the cold. I usually can’t function if my hands and feet are cold and it’s really hard to get them warmed up. Gloves usually restrict my hand movement, especially if I’m trying to use my phone and some gloves do not provide proper warmth. To solve this problem, Candle has created the city’s first heated gloves. These battery-heated gloves are specifically for city wearers and are warm enough for the mountains. These gloves can heat up to 120°F/49°C.  They are also water resistant, touch-screen friendly, stretchy, lightweight, breathable and much more. The Candle gloves are equipped with a carbon-fiber heater distributing heat evenly and have three heat settings. The lithium polymer batteries are rechargeable and can last up to 6 hours on the lowest heat setting. The high and medium settings will last 3 and 4 hours, respectively.

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The Candle gloves are comfortable and warm and won’t restrict your movement on a cold, winter day. They are easy to clean and can be put in the washing machine but make sure you remove the battery pack. These cold and wind-resistant gloves are perfect for any winter activity and will always keep you looking stylish. If you’re going to hit the ski slopes, they fit perfectly under your ski gloves, adding extra warmth and preventing frozen fingers.

The Candle heated gloves are 100% vegan and are environmentally friendly. In fact, they are even mailed in a biodegradable bag, helping the environment further. The Candle gloves are currently crowd-funding their campaign on the Indiegogo platform and you can pre-order yours for $99.




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