Camera Lens vs The Human Eye

You know what I find absolutely amazing? The human eye. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering shaped through millions of years of evolution here on Earth. It allows us to see, yes… but it’s also the window to our soul. Striking and unique to each of us.

But how does it compare to a man-made invention, the camera lens? They share much in common, but there are a remarkable number of differences as well. In this detailed and thought provoking info-graphic below, we’ll delve into the many similarities and differences complete with numerous facts and details about both kinds of optics, natural and man-made. I think you’ll find it quite enlightening.


Pretty interesting, right? Perhaps one day our technology will allow us to meld man and machine to create the ultimate eye, allowing us to see invisible light, x-rays, and other waves we can scarcely imagine right now. It may sound like science fiction right now, but we’re a curious, inventive species. Who’s to say we won’t have pulled this off in a few decades or a century?

Photo: Samuel Johnson




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